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Why February 2019 Was Awesome + Goals

I think for the first time I can say that I do believe that the month is already over, I’m not sure what it was or why it felt like this, but February felt like it went on forever and wasn’t the shortest month of the year. Honestly, I’m glad to see go and happy to be seeing this post because that means we are in March and I am ready for some warmer weather. But for now, that doesn’t seem to be coming but I know it will be, so let’s just chit chat about February a little bit.

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Why November 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

Why november 2018 Was Awesome (2)

Hello there, today is the day that I wrap up to the previous month, which means it is time to talk about November and how I can’t believe that it’s already over. Seriously, these past few months have flown by, I can barely believe that it is December and will be a new year before I know it. Speaking of December, I will be participating in Blogmas once again this year, it will be a challenge especially since I am so far behind on getting a head start, meaning I have pretty much no head start at the time of writing this, but either way I am very excited. So let’s talk about November.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

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Why October 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

essentials totake on yourPool trip

Hello there, today I am talking all about how things went last month for me and goals for this upcoming month. I can’t believe that another month is over, October was over in the blink of an eye and the way things are going it will be 2019 before I even know what happens. But that is not a problem for now, for now let’s just talk about what went on during the month of October.

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Why September 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

Follow Me Around_ 25th Birthday (4)

September is over and I’m kind of sad, I feel like the only person who likes September and I completely blame it on the fact that I am a selfish person who loves their birthday. I like October fine but I’m not super excited about it yet. Anyway, this post is all about wrapping up September and setting some new goals for the month of October.

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Why May 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

Take a walk

Am I the only one that can’t believe that it’s already June? The year is flying by and before I know it, it’ll be Christmas and the year will be over, but we aren’t there quite yet. This year go a slow start but now the months are flying by, which is how it typically goes. Anyway, if you want to read all about April you can check it out here and then we can get into this post and into May. Continue reading “Why May 2018 Was Awesome + Goals”

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Why April 2017 Was Awesome!

Why April Was Awesome

I think is is safe to say that my life is boring, somehow last month was more interesting even though nothing really went on, except for the cat of course. That was exciting.  But, this month was not, somehow even when this month felt like it was dragging on forever and was never going to end, nothing even remotely exciting went on. Maybe that was what it felt like it went on forever. Did anyone else feel like April would never end?

Anyway, I’m still going to talk about this past month a little bit because that is what I do and it is something that I want to keep track of, just because I think it is nice to be able to look back at this kind of thing, even if it’s a little on the boring and mundane side of things.

This month was April, I’ve been mini golfing twice and have lost it two times so far, but it was very fun and I really enjoyed it, so that was a thing that happened. It was also my fiance’s birthday this month, which was a pretty fun day, we took off from work for the most part and enjoyed the day. We had breakfast together, went mini golfing, had dinner and pie and it was just a really nice and fairly chill day.

Nothing is really new on the work front, I’m working 40-45 hours on average, nothing really exciting there but I am doing better. I’m also still working out four days a week, haven’t missed a day this month and I plan on trying to challenge myself a bit by working at 5 times a week in May, we’ll see how that goes and if it sticks. I’m excited to give it a go but it also sounds hard.

Blogwise I do have something slightly exciting, I’ve had more views this month than I have any other month and it’s been that way for a few months now, so I’m excited that I’m still growing and getting better at blogging. Woot!

The other thing that hasn’t happened yet but it’s something that I want to put out there because I really need to stick to it, for the month of May I need to be on a no buy, I had a giant haul I posted recently and there is another one coming in May so, I really need to not buy anything new. I would try and extend this into June but I’m going to Florida for a few days and there is no way that I’m not going to buy things while I’m there, at least a couple of things.

And that has been the month of April, unexciting and not much to talk about.

How did April treat you guys?


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Reasons Why December Was Awesome!

I know, I know, I just posted a end of year recap and now here I am talking about December. But I feel like I kind of rushed through my last couple of posts, mostly because I was feeling very rushed and this post I’ll have more time to work on and probably put a little bit more effort into it because of that. I also decided to write about December because I do these monthly and just because I wrapped up 2016 doesn’t mean I get to forget about what a fabulous month the last month of the year was.

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