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Pack With Me: Fall 2018

Pack With Me

If you did not know I am currently in Florida, for just a few more hours when this post goes up, I will be headed home today. Anyway, a trip is always an excuse for a few blog posts for me and this time around I thought it would be fun to share my travel makeup and skincare, I will warn you, this is not about packing lightly for me because I am a serious over-packer, but I thought it still might be fun to share what I brought along with me to Florida. You might want to grab and drink and a snack before settling in, like most of my blog posts.

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Dupe: Wet ‘N Wild vs. Stila Liquid Lipstick

Dupe_Wet 'N Wildvs.Stila

If you’ve checked out my blog before then you might know that I do monthly dupes posts, I just love dupes because who doesn’t love finding a cheaper alternative to a product that they love? I know that I do for sure. Up for judgment today is the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Patina and Wet ‘N Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick in Rebel Rose. Let’s just jump right on in to comparing these two.

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January 2018 Favorites + Face

January 2018

It may be a new year and I may be trying out some new things, but there are still old things that are going to stick around, of course. This post does have a little bit of new to it, I always talk about my favorites but this month starts me talking about things that I did not enjoy this past month, I thought that would be a nice addition to see some things that I wasn’t really feeling, though I can’t promise that will be a monthly thing because I try not to buy things I think I will dislike, but I will include them when I come across them. So, let’s jump on in and talk about some favorites and not so favorites.

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Project Pan 2018

Untitled design

It is time for another project pan, at this point I think it is impossible for me to finish one project and not start another one, so since I just finished one last weekend it is time to start another one this weekend. This one is different than my past few as it is the first time I am doing one that I plan on doing all year, so this is my one and only project pan for the year, I really wanted to test it out and see how it went, so that’s why we are here. I have once again used the same roulette list and method as some of my past ones, which is here if you want to check it out. I am really excited about this so let’s just jump right on in.

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Sephora VIB Haul


I know, I’m a bit behind on this but I’m doing it now and I think that’s all that matters, because even if it’s late, who doesn’t love a Sephora VIB Sale haul? I feel like everyone does or maybe that’s just me assuming that everyone does since I enjoy it. Let’s get right on into talking about the few things that I picked up from the sale and a few things that I picked up elsewhere.

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Worth The Splurge!

ProductsWorth The Splurge

This post started out with me wanting to talk about all of the products that I thought were worth the splurge, however, this just ended up being makeup products, which I think is fine. The journey to get here was a little bit of me being conflicted, I’m too indecisive when it comes to everything that I was looking through my makeup and picking out products, which ended up with me picking out too many things and having to put things away. I think I settled on a fair amount of my favorite more splurge worth items, so let’s talk about them.

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On Trend: Duochrome Products


I am so excited to do this post, it’s been a long while since I’ve done a trend post, in fact, it’s been over a year and a half since I did my one and only trend post, which you can find here.  I’ve been meaning to do another one but I can never quite seem to get a post together or figure out what trend I want to do, but this month I guess you can say I was feeling inspired and have decided to do a post all about duo-chrome products, they seem to be pretty popular and I’ve accumulated quite a few, all of which are either eye products or highlighters. So, let’s just jump into this post and talk about some duo-chromatic products.

PSX_20170902_152624Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Diamond Dust – This one is limited edition, but at this very moment in time it is still available for purchase at Ulta. I think this highlighter is really interesting, it’s fun and great for the summer time if you want to read a full review you can check my review out here.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Sea Siren – This is also limited edition and does not appear to be available on the Sephora website at this moment in time, not sure if there will be a restock but if there is you should for sure pick this one up if you’re looking for a really fun, purple duo-chrome liquid eye shadow. This one is so fun and also has glitter.

Makeup Geek Duochrome Highlighter in Moon Phase – This is the only highlighter I own from makeup geek and I quite like it, it doesn’t have the best formula ever but it does show up really strong and has a fun blue shift to it, while also looking icey sometimes.

NYX Strobe Of Genius Holographic Stick in Mermaid Armor – This is supposed to be holographic, but to me, it looks like a duo-chrome product. This shifts between purple and blue, it’s really quite pretty and I think this one is pretty wearable.

NYX Duo-Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Lavender Steel – This is one of the softest powders I’ve ever felt, which I personally think makes for a great product, this product is interesting to look out but probably one of the most wearable of the things in this post. It has a very strong pinky purple flash to it, it’s really interesting and I’m wishing I picked up a couple more now just to try out.

NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow in Mermaid – I love these eyeshadows! I have a few of them, I have another one that would have been even better in this post but I could find this. I love this shade so much still, it’s a really soft pretty light teal shade with a little bit of a blue shift to it, it’s very pretty.

Pacifica Rainbow Crystals Liquid Mineral Strobe Multi-Use Highlighter in Unicorn – This one is really interesting, I like to cream formula, I like the idea of these and overall I just really like this product. This one is icey white with like a pinky red shift to it, it’s fun!

Makeup Geek Duo-Chrome Shadow in Blacklight – I love Makeup Geek eyeshadows, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one that I don’t enjoy and blacklight is actually one of my favorites. This is a really bright and little out there shade, but I find it to be very wearable and have worn it a lot of times.

Colourpop Super Shock Pigment in Kelp Me – I love this shade, it’s really bright and really fun, this is probably one of the lesser wearable shades but I also don’t think it’s that out there. This is a really bright peachy orange with a little bit of a pinky shift to it, it’s really subtle but bright.


Now, I think it’s time we talk about some swatches, because what would this post be if I didn’t show you what these products? Just not as good. I’m going to go top to bottom.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Blacklight, NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow in Mermaid, Colourpop Super Shock Pigment in Kelp Me, Pacifica Rainbow Crystals Liquid Mineral Strobe Multi-Use Highlighter in Unicorn, NYX Duo-Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Lavender Steel, Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Sea Siren, Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Diamond Dust, NYX Strobe Of Genius Holographic Stick in Mermaid Armor and lastly Makeup Geek Duochrome Highlighter in Moon Phase.

And those are all of the swatches, all very fun and very pretty, I’m quite happy with how these all look.

I kind of really love the duo-chrome products that are floating around, so much so that I hadn’t even realized how many I had already owned. After writing this one I kind of one to pick up a few more things but I probably won’t, well maybe, we’ll see.

What other makeup trends would you want to see posts about?


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Monthly Favorites: May 2017

May Favorites & Face

It’s time for some monthly favorites and this month I also came up with a monthly face this month, so we’re back to the normal program. May seemed to drag on for quite some time, not as bad as last month though. Now, let’s just jump right into this month favorites!


This month I stuck to only makeup products, I didn’t completely mean to but when I was trying to round up non-makeup items I couldn’t really come up with anything that really came to mind as a favorite, so for this month, we are sticking to what I love, makeup.

Let’s start with something that I am a little bit surprised that I like because I’m not a huge bronzer kind of person, that is the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronzer. This bronzer is actually really good and I find it super easy to use, it looks really soft and natural without being overdone. I also really love the scent of this, it’s very prominent but I like the coconut, sunscreen type of scent a lot.

Now, onto something else that I feel like is really hyped up but something that I fell in love with very quickly, which is the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Fair. This is a really thick concealer, it is for sure full coverage but at the same time, I find this really easy to blend out and very easy to work with, as well as not really feeling that heavy on the skin which is always a plus in my book.

Essence Make Me Brow in Soft Browny Brows, this is something that I am sure has been in favorites before, probably even a few different ones but this is something that I am a huge fan of so that’s why it keeps showing up. It’s really easy to apply, looks very natural and overall is just a really quick application. It’s just a really easy and very reasonably priced product.

Up next is another product that I feel like gets talked about a fair amount because apparently, this month is the month of hyped up favorites that are actually really good. This product is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation in Porcelain, this foundation is fabulous and I can completely see myself repurchasing this already, even though I currently have like 9 foundations to go through, but this one is just really nice. It’s a fantastic color match for me, a very lightweight feel while still giving som coverage. The only complaint that I might have about this one is that the applicator is terrible, I’m not a huge fan of dropper types as I find them a bit difficult to work with.

This next one is something that is somewhat new to me but also not, it’s something that I had a sample size of but decided to commit to the full size and that is the Stila Huge Mascara. This may not be my all-time favorite mascara, it’s a tiny bit wetter than I usually like but it’s still a favorite because I still love it, I’m just on the hunt for the perfect mascara.

I cannot link you to this exact product because I don’t believe this is for sale anywhere anymore, but I can link you to the original product which is what I plan on doing. That is the Mac Fix+ in the scent Coconut, I have a travel size of this and just got a full size of the new one, which I am not sure of the scent yet, but I am excited. I love this product already and have used half of it, it does a really good job at finishing off a look and making me look less powdery while prolonging the wear of my makeup and the smell is great.

Speaking of powdery, my next favorite is a powder and that is the Nyx Blotting Powder in Light. I am not a powder connoisseur, I don’t know a lot about powder and I don’t really care that much, as long as it does what I need it to and this one does really well. It’s a nice shade, it’s really soft and leaves a nice finish on the skin.

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Noir is the last item, I wanted to try a new eyeliner because the one that I had been using is really dark but would always run, so this just made logical sense to me. I have the nude one and use it all the time, I don’t find that it moves or runs at all, so I picked up the black and I love it so much because it just stays put.

And those are all of my favorite products from this past month, so now let’s jump into the look that I came up with using some of these products.

Lorac Behind The Scenes Primer

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette Shades: Tempera, Vermeer, Buon Fresco, Warm Taupe, Antique Bronze and Cyprus Umber

Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in Noir

Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in In The Nude

Nyx Matte Liquid Liner in Black

Stila Huge Mascara

Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation in Porcelain

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Fair

Nyx Blotting Powder in Light

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronzer

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blushing Bride

Tarte Amazonian Clay Highlight in Exposed

Essence Make Me Brow in Soft Browny Brows

Mac Fix+ in Coconut

Buxom White Russian Gloss

And that is everything in terms of what was on my face, I actually really liked this look even though it was a fairly neutral look, but sometimes it’s just nice to go back to something basic and simple, which is what I did a lot for the month of May. Maybe I’ll be back to playing with some more adventourous looks in June, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What were some of your favorite products in May?


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Review: Stila Huge Mascara

Stila Huge MascaraReview

It’s that time again, time to finally start reviewing some of the many products that I have for review, especially after the recent Ulta, Sephora and 21 Days of Beauty hauls. I’ve had such an increase of products which means so many products to review, probably so many that I can get through the end of the year without ever buying anything else. Alright, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but not by much, I’m not sure how I’m ever going to get through all of the things but then again I never am. I have so many ideas that I wish I could blog 7 days a week but I know that I couldn’t keep that up. Enough of my rambling on and on about things, let’s get into the post for today, which is a review of the Stila Huge Mascara.

20170415_170822.jpgThe Stila Huge Mascara retails for $23.00 and can be found at a few different places, but I picked mine up at Ulta during a sale and am so excited to have this mascara in my possession. I had a sample of this and that was probably the only reason why I felt the need to pick this up, I had the sample and I love the sample but at the same time, me being me, I didn’t want to pay 23 dollars for a mascara. Make that mascara half off and I will jump on it, which is why I have this mascara and am reviewing it for you today.

20170415_171000.jpgThe packaging for this is pretty bland as you can probably see, but it looks like the typical Stila packaging, which is not to say that I don’t like the packaging it’s just nothing particularly exciting.

The mascara wand is a little bit interesting looking, just a tiny bit and really reminds me of the wand from the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, which I hate so I guess sometimes the mascara isn’t all about the wand.

20170415_171051.jpgI don’t think you can see exactly how much they look alike but I really think they look almost identical.

Anyway, now onto the formula of this, I really love the formula because it’s not an overly wet formula but it isn’t too dry either, it’s the perfect spot right in the middle where I like it.

I really love this mascara because of how it looks on the lashes, of course, it really volumizes and lengths my eyelashes while not clumping up. It doesn’t separate amazingly but it doesn’t really clump up a lot either, it doesn’t ever give me spider lashes which for me is a huge plus because I’m not into clumpy lashes myself.

This comes in one color, as far as I am aware, and that is black which is fine by me because I really like black mascaras.

Overall, I really like this mascara and would completely recommend this mascara to anyone who is looking for a slightly more expensive mascara that is really lengthening and volumizing, then this one might be for you.


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