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January 2018 Nail Wrap Up

sunday market

Time to talk about all the nail looks that I did during the month of January, I did a pretty typical amount for me I think and I am really content with it. I also dabbled with nail art a teeny tiny bit this month, nothing crazy but a little bit and I’m just really happy with nails I have been rocking this past month, so let’s just jump in and see all of them.

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Project Pan 2018

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It is time for another project pan, at this point I think it is impossible for me to finish one project and not start another one, so since I just finished one last weekend it is time to start another one this weekend. This one is different than my past few as it is the first time I am doing one that I plan on doing all year, so this is my one and only project pan for the year, I really wanted to test it out and see how it went, so that’s why we are here. I have once again used the same roulette list and method as some of my past ones, which is here if you want to check it out. I am really excited about this so let’s just jump right on in.

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May 2017 Nail Wrap Up

ilikeitsparkly Presents1

This will be the last of my monthly posts for the month of May, as it usually is, I leave my favorite for last I guess. You would think my favorites would be my favorite but no, I really love painting my nails and even if I don’t do it as much anymore it’s still one of my favorite things and I never quite feel complete without painted nails. This month I got a few more polishes in than last month, had a little fun and tried a bunch of new polishes so let’s jump on in and see what I was wearing on my nails during the month of May.


Zoya Saint – $10.00. This is one that I have had my eye on for a few months now, I think I saw it near the time that it came out and lusted after it, that is until Zoya had a sale and this was the first shade that I put in my basket. I love this as much as I thought I would, this is completely a shade that I would love, it’s a beautiful bright blue with a bit of a purple shift to it. This went on smoothly, looked fantastic and clung to the nails for quite some time and overall I was very impressed by it.


Zoya Lacey – $10.00. I think this may have been the last color that I put in my cart, I wasn’t even looking for a 7th shade in my order but I had looked at this one earlier in the purchase and couldn’t get it out of my head, so I threw it in the cart and went with it. Like pretty much all Zoya polishes, this one was a dream to work with and applied very smoothly, lasted a fair amount too which is something I love. Also, this color really reminds me of Tiana from Princess and the Frog, is that weird?


This is probably the vaguest of all the nails that I’ve worn thus far, mostly because these are fake nails, I did not keep the box and I cannot find them online to link to or to see what they are called. I believe these are from the Kiss Gel Nails line and these are supposed to be short, not only do they look super fake but they are also so long and I really hated them. I was going to wear them for my engagement photos but I had to change my nails to the next color I’m going to talk about very last minute.


Zoya Lauren – $10.00. This was the shade that I wore for my engagement photos, which I think is very pretty and went really well with the occasion. This is a really pinky nude, or if you’d prefer a very nudey pink, but either way, it is very neutral and very soft. Like I said with the two Zoya Polishes above, this applied really well, this looks really good on the nails but this one did not last quite as well as the other two, it still did pretty well but just not quite as good.


China Glaze Wanderlust – $6.05 & Orly Anything Goes – $6.50. I tried so hard to get a still shot that did this justice but I just couldn’t do it, this is just a stunning combination and this is another one that I might consider very unicorn nail like, and that is a look that is right up my alley. On its own both of these are majestic but together they are even better. The China Glaze Wanderlust is a light purple with a little bit of a red/orange type of shift to it, it’s very subtle but beautiful. The Orly Anything Goes is a really sheer, iridescent shade that shifts between purples and reds for the most part, with little holographic pink circle glitter in it and light blue glitter stars in it, it’s really very unicorn like. The only complaint I have about these two are they started chipping the next day, which I did start using a different top and base coat so I’m hoping that’s what did it so I may have to give this one another try.

And those are all of the nail looks that I wore for the month of May, not too many polishes but it’s for sure more than the piddly amount last month. I was very Zoya heavy but I got a bunch of new ones plus I really love the brand.

What nails have you been rocking this past month?


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