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November Nail Wrap Up

November Nail Wrap Up (2)

Hello there, today I am sharing all of the nail polishes that I wore on my nails during the month of November. Last month I shared six differed polishes and this month I have fallen a little bit behind with only five, either way I have some cute and loved shades to share, so let’s jump right on in.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

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March 2018 Nail Wrap Up

Nail Wrap Up

Last month I really failed at doing my nails, I really didn’t try out that many polishes and just had boring regular nails most of the month because of that. This month I really wanted to knock it out of the park and play with some polish, i was feeling inspired and honestly, I am still feeling inspired so we’ll see what April holds for me in terms of nails. Let’s get into tackling March though.

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February 2018 Nail Wrap Up

Traveling in London

I actually debated not doing this post this month, not because I dislike doing these posts or anything like that but more because I did not to as much this month as I would have liked, I didn’t even get near last months, in fact I might even say that I kind of failed. I am still going to share this month’s nails because I do it every month and it would be incomplete without this post.

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December 2017 Nail Wrap Up

December2017 NailWrap Up

This is my first nail wrap up of the year and I will be wrapping up the last month of last year, isn’t that just super weird to say? It’s been 2018 for multiple days now but it just feels weird to say it’s 2018. I’m sure by the time that I get used to it, it’ll be about time for me to start using 2019. Anyway, last month I didn’t have that many nail polishes to show but this month I have done a lot better, so let’s jump right on in.

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October 2017 Nail Wrap Up

October Nail Wrap Up

It’s time for another nail wrap up post, this month I have five nail looks to show you, the same amount as last month. I’m always hoping to do more than the last month, but I think at some point that is going to be impossible unless I am constantly changing and painting my nails, so I think I’m happy with showing off five different colors/designs. I would like to do more in the next couple of months but we will have to wait and see how that goes. For now, let’s talk about all of the fun nails from October.

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August 2017 Nail Wrap Up

Add heading

It’s time for another nail wrap up, this month will probably be shorter than last, last month I did pretty well, I got a lot of polish on my fingers and was barely ever without polish. This month, however, I did not do so good, I had a little bit of fun and did some things but nothing too exciting, a really fun mani and a couple others, but nothing grand this month.


China Glaze in Let’s Jam – Slowly working my way through this China Glaze collection from last year, at least the ones that I’ve picked up at least. This one is a really pretty purple shade that has the faintest blue sparkle to it, which doesn’t really show up in pictures, or I couldn’t get it to at the very least. I quite enjoyed wearing this one and would for sure be happy to wear it again.


China Glaze in Bite Me – This is pretty much the one from the collection that started this whole thing, I saw this one and I was drooling over it, however, of course, it took the longest to get here so that meant I couldn’t put it on my nails first. I adored this shade and can’t wait to wear it again, it’s just so pretty. It has a really faint shimmer to it that is stunning, overall I just really liked this one and would recommend this one.


Green: China Glaze in Lime After Lime. Blue: OPI in I Believe In Manicures. Purple: Zoya in Isa – This is a more complicated thing, this is fun and I’m really glad that I did this because, for the most part, I think that these all look really good and this wore fantastically. I am just really happy to have had a successful water marble attempt.

And I think that’s everything, I didn’t really do a whole lot with my nails this past month, but once again I am going to try and have some fun with it and play with my nails some more this month, we’ll have to wait and see how it goes though.

What is your favorite easy nail art?

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August Nail Wrap Up

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July 2017 Nail Wrap Up

July 2017Nail Wrap Up

And it is time for the last monthly post of all the monthly posts that I do, which means it’s nail time! I wanted to do better this month and test out more polishes, which I think I did and am really quite happy about. This month I wore six different nail polishes so this post will be a little bit longer than the last month. And hopefully August will be long and fun as well, but for now, we are going to focus on the month of July and dive right on in!


Essie Russian Roulette – Is the first one up this month, I bought this on a whim at Walgreens because it was on sale super cheap and I didn’t really have a bright, true classic red polish in my collection. I’m not sure if this was exactly what I was thinking of when it comes to that shade but it is a nice one and I’m happy to have this. The formula is really good, which to me is a huge plus because usually Essie polishes are so hit and miss, so I’m just happy to have picked out a hit. This is a shade I see myself using plenty in the future.


China Glaze I Just Canterlot – I just couldn’t resist the new My Little Pony Collection, well at least picking up a couple of the polishes, which I did pretty well at restraining myself and have only purchased three from this collection… so far. This was the first one that I had to put on my nails because of glitter! And I think that says enough. This was a little bit disappointing because it did chip fairly quickly and that’s annoying, however, I haven’t written this one off yet and still plan to keep this one until further notice.


China Glaze Sweet As Pinkie Pie – I had to get the Pinkie Pie themed polish, or at least one of them, I couldn’t not own it because Pinkie is my favorite pony plus I really do love the color pink. This polish is fantastic and may have been the pink polish that I’ve been looking for, well maybe not exactly but pretty damn close. I think the shade I’m dreaming of is a little bit lighter with a fantastic formula, but I haven’t come across that yet. Anyway, about this polish, I found that the formula was great, it was a two coater and went on really smooth and not streaky at all so I’m super happy to have this one in the stash.


China Glaze Cutie Mark The Spot – And this is the last shade from the collection that I picked up and of course it is the most disappointing, I didn’t really love this formula. I put on three coats and it’s still a little bit patchy. That combined with the fact that my nails look a little bit rough here just makes for a miserable combination. I hated this formula and usually would pass it along, but because it’s so new to me I can’t get myself to let go so this is something that I’m probably going to have to play with one or two more times before really writing it off.


Julep Kayla – This is a brand that I don’t own a lot from, in fact, I think this is the only Julep brand nail polish that I own and I’m kind of sad about that. This formula is really quite nice, it did take me three coats to get this particular shade built up to where I wanted it to be but I’m alright with that, I’m not the biggest fan of three coaters but if they look nice at the end of it all I’m not mad about it. This is just a really bright, fun and interesting color if you ask me.


China Glaze Papa Don’t Peach – I’m typing this out and can’t believe that I’m already on the last shade, I wore so many more nail polish shades this past month than the last but it still went by really quickly. Anyway, I found out about the China Glaze Lite Brite collection from last summer and after reading a couple of reviews fell in love with the whole thing, I really wanted to pick up all of them but instead I limited myself to seven to try out, which is probably stupid because I could have just purchased the whole collection for probably almost as much as I got these seven for. And I might even go back for more. Anyway, about this shade, I was really excited to get my hands on this shade, so much so that this was the first from the collection that I put on my nails because I just had to wear it, it did not disappoint. This shade is bright, really fun, easy to work with and just a really fantastic summer shade that I am so happy to have my little hands on.

And those are all of the shades that I have worn over the month of July, a really good mix of shades I think, once again not the best mix of brands but about half of my collection is split between Zoya and China Glaze so I’m not sure there is much I can do about that. Except maybe purchase more nail polish! But really, I probably don’t need to do that, at least not in bulk so I’m going to try and hold off on that a bit and just try and work through looking at all of the polishes that I currently own.

What nail polish colors have you been rocking in the month of July?


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