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Face Mask Friday: Dessert Trio

I don’t believe this is what they are calling this little line but I think it fits since the three masks I will be talking about today are called Matcha Mood, Cake My Day and Berry Groovy, plus the way they all smell makes me really think of sweets. Since I am doing three masks this month this is almost like a first impression/face mask Friday as I haven’t used these quite long enough for an in-depth review but I have used them more than once. So, let’s just dive right into these sweet masks.

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Face Mask Friday: Meme Box I Dew Care Take It Easy Mask

Face Mask Friday

Yes, it is face mask Friday again! I feel like I was just writing the one for August yesterday, but it has been a little while longer than that. I swear these months and these posts are just flying by in no time at all. Anyway, today I am here to blog about this mask so let’s get chatting.

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