Favorite Etsy Shops #1

I have never done anything like this before and I’m now wondering why, this makes total sense and I love talking about Etsy products so why wouldn’t I love talking about Etsy shops? I guess maybe I haven’t done this before because it takes me a little longer to try things out and this list only includes shops that I have purchased from at least one time, most of them are shops that I have made multiple purchases from but some are only once so far. So, let’s dive in and talk about some of my favorite Etsy shops.

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Try It Tuesday:Alittledelight

Hello, I am back after a tiny little break from the blog, I was just so behind that I needed a little break to catch up and I can finally do that due to having internet in my home, which is something I won’t talk about too much yet but I am excited. Today is all about a few hair bits that I got from Etsy recently, so let’s dive in and talk all about this shop.

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March 2020 Etsy Finds

Working from home and pretty much not going anywhere means that I have had extra time to sort through Etsy and find all kinds of cool things, so many things that I actually thought about sharing more than the dozen things that I usually share, but I decided against that so not to overwhelm. So, let’s just dive in and talk about a dozen of the fun things that I have found recently on Etsy.

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Try It Tuesday: ShopLeebrick

I know it kind of feels like the whole world is a little bit upside down right now and that really stresses me out, but I am also trying to me logical so I’m trying to not focus on it too much. Because of all this, I thought it would be the perfect time to settle into a bath and try and relax, plus I have a few things from Etsy to try out so it seems like the perfect time to do just that. Let’s just dive into it all!

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Try It Tuesday: WhippedUpWonderful

I thnk by now it’s pretty clear that I love Etsy, I just love supporting smaller business and a handmade item, plus the variety of things you can find is exciting. I just really like it and will continue to write posts about it. Today is all about trying out a product from an Etsy shop like I do every month, so let’s not waste any more time and just dive right in.

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2020 · etsy

February 2020 Etsy Finds

Hello there! I can’t believe that February is halfway over, this month is really flying by, maybe it feels that way because January was so long or that February is a short month, either way, I can’t believe it is moving so quickly.  I was thinking about doing all things pink, red and hearts but decided against it since it is a couple days after Valentine’s day, so this month’s theme will be the usual random assortment of things.

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2020 · etsy

Etsy Mickey Ears

Every month when I am browsing through to find my Etsy finds I come across so many fun Mickey Ears, I love them but I never want to make a monthly Etsy finds into the Mickey Mouse show, so I pepper them out here and there. I have so many waiting to get shared that I decided that it was time that I do a separate feature just for Mickey and Minnie ears. I will be sharing eight of my favorite makers from Etsy and if this does well, I might post another one sometime in the future.

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