Try It Tuesday:Alittledelight

Hello, I am back after a tiny little break from the blog, I was just so behind that I needed a little break to catch up and I can finally do that due to having internet in my home, which is something I won’t talk about too much yet but I am excited. Today is all about a few hair bits that I got from Etsy recently, so let’s dive in and talk all about this shop.

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April 2020 TBR

I wasn’t planning on making this a monthly thing but I liked it so much last month that I wanted to share with you guys more of my picks this month. Plus, I think having a list really makes it easier for me to get through books and I know exactly what to read. I picked some that I want to read and I have picked some randomly as well, just like I did the last month. So, let’s talk all about this month.

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