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A Look Back: Best Looks of 2017

A Look Back_Best MakeupLooks 2017

Today I have decided to take a look back and talk about ten of my favorite makeup looks I did in the year of 2017, I’m a bit late on this one but I don’t think I’m too late, it’s completely still acceptable to be talking about 2017, right? Right. Some of these may be looks that you’ve seen before, maybe here on the blog or on Instagram, and some of them may be ones that have never quite made the cut to either place, but whichever they are my favorites that I did during the year of 2017.

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What I Got For Christmas 2017

What I GotFor Christmas 2017

I know, I am very much behind on this one but I am finally getting around to sharing what I got for Christmas, well, most of it anyway, I cherry-picked all the things that I thought were interesting to see or hear about. I know some people don’t like these posts but I personally do, so that’s why I’m doing it, I think it’s fun to be a little nosy and see what everyone got, so if you don’t like these posts you might want to stop here but if you do like them, let’s jump right on in.

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December 2017 Nail Wrap Up

December2017 NailWrap Up

This is my first nail wrap up of the year and I will be wrapping up the last month of last year, isn’t that just super weird to say? It’s been 2018 for multiple days now but it just feels weird to say it’s 2018. I’m sure by the time that I get used to it, it’ll be about time for me to start using 2019. Anyway, last month I didn’t have that many nail polishes to show but this month I have done a lot better, so let’s jump right on in.

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December 2017 Empties

December 2017Empties

This post feels less repetitive because I didn’t do a yearly empties post, that would have been strange if you ask me, so instead I’m just doing the one. Last month was a pretty normal amount of products used up for me, however, this month is a little bit light, I just didn’t focus on as many products nor did I use up as many I guess, but I’m still going to share so let’s dive on in.

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December 2017 Favorites + Face

December 2017Favorites + Face.jpg

I know, this may start to get repetitive, which I said in my last post, but I wanted to talk about my favorites for the month of December because I had a few and not all of them made it into my yearly favorites. My yearly favorites was more of a list of things that I constantly went to throughout the whole year and were just staple products, whereas my monthly posts are a little bit of that but also a lot of fun things that I have been enjoying for a month or so, so I thought it was perfectly acceptable and okay to write about my monthly favorites as well.

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Why December 2017 Was Awesome + Goals

Why DecemberWas Awesome+ Goals

I feel like my content might be sounding a tiny bit repetitive right now, but I committed to doing this and decided that it was a good idea to wrap up December like I would any other month, even though I did just do a yearly wrap up, I just feel like this will be more detailed about the month of December and give me a chance to set some smaller goals. Anyway, let’s get into talking about the last month of 2017.

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2017 Miscellaneous Favorites

2017 Miscellaneous Favorites

We have made it, we are finally at the end of the yearly favorite, this is the last one that I plan on doing and this is probably hands down the most random because this is just miscellaneous things to me. So, this pretty much means personal and lifestyle things that I can’t really photograph and that I don’t often talk about, I don’t really ever talk about things I’m just enjoying in my life. Should I start talking about random favorites in the new year? I might, we’ll see. Anyway, let’s jump right on into these favorites.

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2017 Makeup Favorites


Today we are focused on makeup, the thing that I am sure most of you are here for and what is easily my favorite favorites post to write for the year. I have one more favorites post that I have planned for tomorrow and then that will wrap up all of my yearly favorites for 2017. I can’t believe the year is almost gone, it is insane. But anyway, today I am talking about all of the products that I really loved and found myself using all the time during this past year.

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2017 Skin & Body Favorites

2017 Skin & Body Care Favorites

Today it is time for my third installment of my yearly favorites, which also means that I am halfway through my favorites for the year, I have two more posts planned after this, yearly favorites wise anyway. Today I will be talking a little bit about skin care and body care that I have been loving this year, so let’s just jump right on into it.

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