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December 2018 Shop My Stash

Shop My Stash

Hello there, today is all about shopping my stash and I think it’s going to be the last time I shop my stash, as you may or may not know towards the middle of the year I got a new desk and that has really shifted the structure of my makeup collection, so I am finding myself needing to shop my stash less now that everything is at my fingertips. I might change my mind but for now I do not think I will be continuing this, so let’s just jump in.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

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November 2018 Shop My Stash

Novembershopmystash (1)

Hello there, today is all about digging through my far too large of a collection to pick out some great things to focus on during the month of November. Something that I have been doing every month for a little while now.  I am thinking about not doing these anymore because of how my makeup collection is set up now, it’s a lot easier to just rummage through my stuff but I’m not sure yet. Do you guys care about these kinds of posts? I’m still debating. Anyway, let’s just jump into this one for now.

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October 2018 Shop My Stash

100 (1)

Last month I kept my pick mostly simple but still a little bit of fun mixed in and I feel like this month is the same in that way. I am still doing a shop my stash post this month even though it doesn’t matter too much since I have started a 100 days of makeup challenge, which you will hear more about later. For now, let’s dive into shopping my stash for the month of October.

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September 2018 Shop My Stash

September 2018 shop my stash

Hello there! I am here today to talk about all of the products I have dug out from my hoard of stuff, meaning it’s time to shop my stash. Last month I kept it pretty warm toned and this month I have kept it pretty simple, I did pull out a handle full of fun things but overall I did stay pretty simple. I’m not sure what that’s about, typically I’m feeling fun but these past few months my picks have been kind of boring. Anyway, I guess it doesn’t really matter, so let’s check out the products that I want to focus on this month.

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July 2018 Shop My Stash


We are back for another month of shopping my stash, something that I find especially fun now that all of my products are at my fingertips and it just feels easy to incorporate my picks with any look I can think of. Last month was all about glitter pretty much and this month is a little more about the glow, I would say. Let’s just take a look at my picks and you can judge for yourself.

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April 2018 Shop My Stash

April 2018

I am back with another shop my stash post, I wonder how long I’ve been doing these, it feels like a while but I’m sure it’s only been a few months, at this point in my life I think it is safe for me to say that I pretty much have no grasp on time. Anyway, last month was a bit much and I think I’ve scaled this month back a bit, so let’s get into seeing what I picked out for the month.

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February 2018 Shop My Stash


Now, time to pick out my makeup picks for February, which is always exciting and is one of my favorite posts to write now. I don’t know what it is but I love going through my stash and I really love picking out the products that I’m going to focusing on for the month, it just really fun and satisfying. Let’s just get into the choices I have made for February.

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November 2017 Shop My Stash

NovemberShop MyStash

My first monthly post of the month that isn’t about the month of October but instead the month of November, it’s time for another shop my stash post. I have been loving doing these, I think it’s really interesting to see what someone thinks about products and what they pick out to use during the month, the other thing is that I think it’s super fun for me because it forces my to play with my collection more and have some fun with it. Anyway, let’s jump on into my stash picks for November.

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