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Ma-Ka-Rohn Taste Test & Review

saturday well-spent

Mixing it up yet again, I try to do that every now and then, this was originally planned content for the food blog but that did not go off so well, so I have a bunch of content from that short little excursion that I will probably eventually blog about here. So, today I will be talking about some macarons that I picked up online from Ma-Ka-Rohn.

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Taco Tuesday: Classic Tacos

Husband Styles me (2)

Yes, it is time for another Taco Tuesday. This is actually going to be my very last Taco Tuesday on this blog, Taco Tuesday will be moving over to my new blog with my husband, Salt ‘N Suga. So, if you want to check out a blog that will be encompassing all things food, check our new project out. Anyway, I know I did beef last month but I figured I would leave on a classic note and talk about a really standard and typically ground beef taco that is completely my recipe.

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Taco Tuesday: Shredded Beef Tacos

Taco Tuesday_Shredded Beef Tacos

It is Taco Tuesday once again, my favorite day of every month, I’m always down for some tacos. Last month was all about the meatless and this month I am getting into some beef tacos, finally, I feel like it has taken me far too long to get this one on here. Now, all that’s really left is some fish tacos but that will be for another month. Let’s get into talk tacos.

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Taco Tuesday: Potato Breakfast Tacos


I have been saying that I was going to make these tacos for months now, I may not have mentioned them on here, I’m not really sure if I have or haven’t but I know I have mentioned it to my husband far too many times by now I’m sure. I have finally gotten around to it and this is my first meatless taco, I’m super excited and incase you missed out on last months Taco Tuesday check it out here.  Anyway, let’s jump right on into this taco.

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Taco Tuesday: Pulled Pork Tacos

Taco Tuesday_ Pulled Pork Tacos

I am excited for Taco Tuesday, really I’m just excited about tacos, at all times, whether I’m making them or not. This month I have stepped away from chicken tacos for the time being, figuring the past two months have been enough chicken for now. I will say this, I have been a little bit of a failure this month with taking photos of the process, but I’m still going to share the recipe.

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Valentine’s Day Baking: Marbled Sugar Cookies

Back toBlack

I’m not sure if I’ve ever blogged about baking, which is such a strange thing to me because while I am not the world’s best baker and don’t bake constantly, I really love baking. And because I love it I have decided to share that love with you guys, starting this side of my interests out in the form of Valentine’s Day treats! So, let’s get to baking.

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Taco Tuesday: Our Classic Chicken Taco

TacoTuesday #1

Another new monthly post, I’m finally branching out a little bit into other things, which is what I intended to do with this blog in the first place, have a heavy influence on beauty but not feel constricted to not posting other things like food-related posts and such. So, today I am doing my very first Taco Tuesday post. This idea came when my husband and I were driving somewhere and we were chatting about tacos and how fun it would be to play around with different kinds of tacos, so to ensure that we stuck to it I decided to make this a monthly feature over here. Today we are going to kick this one off with our classic chicken tacos, a recipe that we have been doing for quite some time now.

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