About The Blog

I started this blog on October 26th of 2015 with the intention of this blog being my final blog home, I had a few blogs in the past but I never ended up sticking with them but I’ve landed here and so far it seems like I am here to stay. When I started this blog I mainly did reviews, almost all of which was Lush and since then I have branched out a lot into other aspects of beauty. I’m aiming to branch out a little bit more into fashion and lifestyle type things, but that is something that I’m working at because I think that is the end goal for this blog, but I have to work towards it.

I want this blog to be a place that I can feel comfortable talking about whatever my mind comes up with. Whether it be my life, cosmetics, lush or anything else that I can think of. I just really want this to be a place that I can talk about anything and be comfortable doing it, a place on the internet that is my own, that hopefully, other people enjoy.