Current Favorite Earrings

I’ve been trying to mix up my content a little bit more as of recently which is why you guys are getting this post from me today, hopefully, no one minds that though. I thought that it would be fun to share a few of my favorites just because, so let’s check them out.

First up is this moon & star set that I picked up from Etsy,  I love how simple these are but they are mismatched and fun, so I’m a big fan of that. Up next are a kind of simple pair of rose gold hoops but I like the size and the texture of these, they make them a little more fun. After that come a pair of wooden earrings that I picked up from Etsy, these cut-outs remind me of flowers and are too cute. I just picked up the next pair and I love the delicate little chiffon flowers on them, simple but perfect for spring even though spring is nearing its end. And my last pair of earrings here are from Target, these are a really pretty and fun color if you ask me. These are really simple but they would add a fun pop of color and interest to any outfit.

And I think those are all of the earrings in my collection that really jumped out to me when I went to pick out earrings for this, most of these I have worn a fair amount but some of these are newer, either way I am a big fan of every single pair I picked out.

What are some of your favorite earrings?


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