First impression Friday: Fenty Cheeks Out

Hello there Friday! It’s a three day weekend and I am excited because that means my husband will be home for a total of three days with me, which is always exciting if you ask me. Anyway, enough on that today is all about first impressions so let’s just dive in and see what I think of this blush from Fenty Beauty.

This month is all about the Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Cream Blush in the shade Rose Latte, this one will run you $20.00 and comes with .1 oz of product, which isn’t a whole lot. I can say that is my biggest beef with this product, I don’t think it’s a good value at all but I still purchased it because I wanted to try it out and see how it went, so here I am to give you my first impression of this product. Let’s talk about the packaging first, as always.

The packaging on this is exactly what you would expect if you have ever seen or owned any Fenty Beauty products. This is a white octagon with a fairly simple and straightforward design on the from, which is exactly what I assumed this would look like. I don’t mind at all, it’s very clean and simple which I like but at the same time it’s nothing interesting or exciting. I do like that this is smaller but it’s not too small, it’s just less product than I would expect for a blush coming in at $20.00

I will say, for me personally, I think a little bit of this goes a long way so that makes the size of this sting a little bit less, that and the fact that I feel like I could use this up before it actually goes bad which I don’t often feel like will happen.

I like the way that this applies a lot, a little goes a long way but it’s very easy to blend out and I think it would be just as easy to build up if you wanted a more bold look using this blush. The wear time for this one was pretty good and honestly, I’m really happy with how well it wore the single time that I wore it.

Overall, I am not mad that I bought this, it is a really nice cream blush but I do think that it’s pretty expensive for the amount of product that you get. I probably wouldn’t purchase another one but I am content with the one that I own.

What products should I do a first impression of next?


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