Favorite Daytime Lipsticks

Hello, today is all about some of my favorite super wearable daytime/office lipstick picks, I feel like I have done this in the past but I can’t find it anywhere so I am doing it again. Let’s talk lipsticks.

Beauty by Popsugar in Time After Time – I actually really like this gloss, I think it’s one of the better glosses that I have tried, it is a little sticky but I don’t think it’s overly sticky and it comes in a packaging that I really like. This color is also a perfect my lip but better shade and is really great over most lipsticks as well.

Mac Let’s Mesa Around – This was a limited edition shade as far as I know but I really like it and wanted to mention it. This one is a shade that I don’t usually go for but I really like it, even if it’s pretty light.

Tarte Bare Bud – This is one of the most comfortable lipsticks that I have ever used and it’s a really lovely nude shade and super wearable, which is enough for me to really like it.

Colourpop Just a Tint in Always Right – I love these, I love the way that these smell, I love how comfortable they are and I love that they give a subtle shine to the lips and this shade is a great addition to my collection.

Physcians Formula Mauvin’ to Brazil – I love everything about this lipstick, this is the perfect shade of mauve for me and I love that about it, the formula is super comfortable. The only downside to this lipstick is that the packaging is truly horrible, it’s a mess and breaks easily.

And those are a few of my current favorite daytime/office appropriate lipsticks, I didn’t want to make this list too long so I kept it to my favorite five lipsticks in this vein and I am happy with all of these, so I would recommend anyone of them.

What are some of your favorite wearable lipsticks?


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