Dream Lush Giftset

I’m pretty sure that I saw someone do this a while back and I have been sitting on it for a little while, so I wanted to finally do this myself and talk about the giftset that I would love for Lush to create, which will really just be me talking about some of my favorites discontinued Lush products that I would snatch up if they were all in a gift set or if they were sold individually again, so let’s just jump in and talk Lush.

Yuzu & Cocoa Shower Cream – This is probably my all-time favorite scent from Lush and when they came out with this product it was my favorite, it smells more like a coconutty kind of scent to me but that’s part of the reason why I really love it. I miss this one so much and would probably purchase copious amounts of it if I could.

Iced Wine Shower Jelly – This is one that I haven’t smelled in a while but it was a big favorite of mine when I did have it, honestly it was probably my favorite shower jelly that I have ever used. I loved the color and the scent, the scent was fruity and really refreshing and nothing like the scents from Lush that I am used to getting.

Melted Snowman Bath Melt – This was one of the first products that I ever used from Lush and I loved it, I got two to three baths out of this one product as well which was great. This one is a more spicy kind scent and just smells like the holiday season to me, I wish they would bring this one back but I haven’t seen this one in years.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb – This is one that they have brought back with a new look and I really want them to bring it back again, this one is floral and smells like fresh jasmine to me which is one of my favorites, this one is also really interesting in the water which is a nice bonus.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar – This bubble bar has the same scent as the bath bomb above and I love it, these two really make the best combo and I almost feel like I can’t have one without the other.

Celebrate Body Spray – I do currently have one of these sitting in my drawers at this very moment but I would love to have another one and it would be the perfect addition to my dream giftset.

Celebrate Body Lotion – I don’t know why they have stopped releasing this during the holiday season because this is a fantastic lotion, hands down on of the best lotions that I have ever used in my entire life and the scent is amazing.

So, apparently my dream giftset is mostly just products from Christmas’s past, which I don’t really mind because those are honestly some of the best products that I have tried from Lush. Now, I just need Lush to get these products out in circulation again.

What are some of your favorite Lush products?


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