Face Mask Friday: Fourth Ray A-Ha Moment

I am so behind on everything and I’m not sure why, I have so much time on my hands but I guess I’ve been wasting it doing dumb things, which has probably got to stop. Anyway, it’s Friday which means it is time to talk about a face mask that I have been using recently so let’s just jump right in.

This month my feature face mask is one from Fourth Ray Beauty and this is the A-ha Moment Exfoliating Face Mask. This one will run you $16.00 and comes with 1.7 ounces of product, which I think will get you through quite a few face masks because I haven’t been using a ton when I use this and it says to only use this face mask once a week, so this one has a pretty decent bang for your buck if you ask me.

As per usual i want to take a moment to talk about the packaging, which I actually like. The packaging is really simple and I really like the soft pastel kind of orange color. The packaging is very straightforward but it seems very fitting seeing as this is colourpop’s sister brand and all of their packagings is very basic and straightforward just like this is.

Now it is time to get into the real reason we are all here and that is to talk about the formula and what this did for my skin. I will start by saying that I have only used this twice because it says to only use once a week, so this is more of a first impression almost.

I like this, I think this is moderately gentle on my skin and it did leave my skin feeling soft, not as soft and exfoliated as some other products that I have used before but it still left my skin feeling nice. The only thing was this did burn my skin the tiniest bit at first and it left my skin looking a little bit red, but it died down pretty easily, and like I’ve said too many times it left my skin feeling soft. This didn’t have much of an odor to it, which I think is nice because less of an odor vs. a bad one, I would prefer the first of the two.

Overall I do like this mask and I will use this again, I can see myself using this up but I’m not sure how long it will take me to, I’m interested to find out. This one is for sure no an everyday mask and it is a very affordable mask, so if you are looking for something exfoliating and don’t have super sensitive skin then I would suggest this one.

What face mask should I try next?


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