Random Question Generator #2

Hello, I have done this once before and I thought it was fun so I thought that I would do it again. I am using a book exclusively this time, which is this book right here and I am using a random number generator to pick which questions, so let’s dive in and answer some questions.

1. If you became powerful do you worry you would abuse your power?

Not really. One, I will never become powerful and two if I did I don’t think I have it in me to abuse my power, but I guess I can never really know until it happens?

2. Where do you go when you need to blow off some steam?

When I am really fuming I just need to get away and ideally, I would go for a walk or run to let off some steam and get it out, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. I really just need fresh air.

3. What slogan or jingle got stuck in your head forever?

The meowmix jingle, gets stuck in my head all of the time still.

4. Is there someone that you truly hate?

Yes, I can think of a couple people.

5. What do you think about men who want to be stay at home dads?

I think it’s nice and thinks it should be more normal for this and not be a thing. Stay at home moms don’t work for every situation and sometimes neither parent staying at home works, so I think it really depends on case to case. So, I think it should be a thing that we shouldn’t even have to think about as strange or odd.

6. Have you ever thrown a temper tantrum until you got your way?

I am sure that I have, I can’t remember a time but I was a child and a little shit.

7. Would you ever become a missionary?

No, I would not.

8. If you could be a host for a night would you host a game show, award show, etc.?

I probably wouldn’t host because I have a terrible fear of talking in front of people but I also think that it would be kind of fun to host a game show.

9. Have you ever run into a wall or a door?

Absolutely. Probably once a week, I get a little too into my dance parties at this point.

10. What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

Probably meeting a guy in a hotel with his friend after talking to him online for only a couple of months, which seems pretty dangerous and stupid to me.

And those are all of my questions for this time around, I think this was really fun and better than any random question generator that I have found online so if you are interested in doing this i would actually recommend this book, even though it’s kind of a weird thing to own.

Any questions you guys want me to answer the next time I get around to doing this?


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