Nail Routine 2020

I am here today to share my full nail routine, I am not a professional this is just what I do and it way too much, but I just wanted to share a full post with you guys so let’s dive in and talk about nails.

I sometimes use a cuticle scrub, this one is thick and really moisturizing. I move on to file and buff my nails, then comes the cuticle remover and pushing them back/ trimming. I don’t always trim but sometimes I have to.

Now that I’ve got the cuticles out of the way I usually wash my hands and then use this lotion, if I am feeling the need for a lot of extra hydration then I got for this cuticle cream mixed with a little bit of a cuticle oil. I follow all of this up with a base coat, then whatever shade of nail polish I am using and lastly a topcoat.

I think my routine is fairly straight forward and I sometimes use too much stuff, but I really like it sometimes, other times I cut out some of the steps and just do the bare minimum. I do this probably about once a month and it’s looking like it’s time for me to break out the supplies again.


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