May TBR List

Hello guys! I am sharing my TBR list for the month of May, only a couple of repeats from the last month but I didn’t do nearly as much reading as I wanted to last month so that’s why you are going to see that. Let me not waste anymore time and just dive in to talk about the books that I am hoping to read during May.

Sailor Moon Volume 5 – I have been working my way through this series so of course, the next choice is volume 5, which has my favorite scout on the cover. I am loving reading this and can’t believe that I haven’t done that before now.

Blackbird Volume 1 – This is something that I picked up recently and really want to read, the art style looks really stunning and I am super interested in this one.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Volume 1 – This is one that I have had on my list for a little while, I have heard really good things about it an am excited to give this one a read.

The Magic Book Of Spells – This feels like a strange choice but it’s been sitting on my shelf for a while now, so I really wanted to give this one a look and see how it is.

The Magician’s Nephew – I didn’t read this last month so now it is back this month, a series that I haven’t read, and I really feel like I need to read.

The World According To Mister Roger – This book is really new to me but it sounds super cute and I’m excited.

The Deathless Girls – This is another one that I am rolling over from last month, I didn’t get to it but I still want to read it so on the list for this month it goes.

Where There’s A Willam There’s a Way – This is right up my alley and sounds like it’ll be an easy read, which is something that I look forward to because I am kind of lazy.

Loving vs. Virginia – I randomly chose this and am interested in reading it, which is why all of these books are here, so that’s all there is to it.

And those are all of the books that I am hoping to read during the month of May along with finishing the ones that I already have started, I have a pretty good feeling about this month but I am not really sure so I’ll just have to wait and see how my reading goes for this month.

Have you guys read any good books recently?


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