April 2020 Nail Wrap Up

I have worn a pretty decent amount of nail polish this month but it’s starting to feel pretty typical, I don’t know how long this will last. I get really bored and change my nails way too often but I like it, so I guess that’s all that matters. Let’s get into and look at nails!

First up is a set of fake nails from Impress, these were longer than I thought they would be and I kind of think they look ridiculous on my but I kind of like them. I don’t think I would wear them again but I didn’t mind them this one time.

I am wearing two Shleee Polishes here, one is in the shade Clarity and the other in Intentions. This glitter polish is one of the prettiest that I have ever worn and I am a big fan of it for sure, it’s got dimension and is just really pretty. I like the purple shade too just not nearly as much.

I am wearing two polishes here, one is Femme Fatale’s Sunrise Funfair which isn’t my favorite, the formula is kind of thick and hard for me to work with. The second shade is from Cirque Colors and is called Pink Lemonade which I like a lot more than i thought I was going to.

Yes, I know that one of my nails is not painted here, it came off before I took a picture. This is a Reverie polish in the shade Winter Blossoms, which I did not like on me as much as I liked it swatched. This one has a good formula but is a tiny bit too sheer for my liking but I think it’s super cute for someone else.

This is another two nail polishes, the metallic shade is from Nine Zero in the shade Cotton Tail and the glitter is a Sally Hansen polish in Tutti Frutti. I actually really like both of these and think that they look great together, very natural but not natural if that makes sense.

This is a duo of polishes that I hated together and I didn’t wear because I just hated it, but I wanted to share it. The base shade is Fancy Gloss in the shade You’re On in a Melon and the polish overtop is from Pinup Paints in May. I just really don’t like the base I think that the formula just isn’t great and it’s one that I am passing along.

This is a polish from Poshlish in the shade Perfect Couple, I wore a matte topcoat over top and I love how it turned out. This polish is stunning without the matte topcoat but it’s even better with the top coat I think. I can’t wait to wear this one again.

My last mani for the month and two polishes, a real shocker. The yellow is a Shleee Polish in the shade Solidago and the pink is a Crystal Knockout in the shade Miss Taffy. I am super happy with both of these shades and think that they looked pretty great together.

And those are all of the nail looks that I have worn during the month of April, a pretty good mix of things and I am happy with most of them.

Have you guys worn any great polishes this past month or recently?


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