April 2020 Lifestyle Favorites

It’s probably pretty clear that I have a very distinct pattern of posts, meaning yesterday I posted my regular favorites which means today is all about the random bits that I have been loving and as usual, I have not written anything down so I am just going to wing it, let’s dive in and see what I can remember that I have been enjoying this past month.

I think this is a forever favorite really but I’m probably going to mention it too many times and that is my porch. It is so nice just sitting outside but not having to worry about bugs but also my cats can come out and they really love it, which makes me happy. It’s just so nice and I am currently sitting outside writing this.

I am still loving my Nintendo switch a lot, it’s really fun and I have been playing Animal Crossing, Mario, and Tetris 99. I have also played Mario cart with my best friend a few times and that has been super fun.

I have been enjoying writing a ton this month, I am so behind on blog posts but I have rejoined the roleplay community and have been seriously loving writing stories with strangers on the internet, it’s just fun. Also, I am working on my own super-secret project that will probably never see the light of day.

I have been loving a lot of different snacks and I’ll link the post that I talked about all of them in recently down below so you can check out exactly what I have been loving if you are interested.

I am back on my mercari bullshit, I don’t know why but I just really like it, I have been going through a bunch of stuff so I am for sure going to be selling more and I have been shopping a little as well. Also, like a lot of people, I have jumped on the Tiktok bandwagon and have zero regrets over it, it’s entertaining and I like it.

You can check out the full playlist here. I am super happy with this months list, I feel like I haven’t listened to a lot of new music but I feel like everything on here is great and it’s a more fleshed out list than usual.

And that’s everything that I could think of to talk about that I have been loving this month, a shorter list of things but I couldn’t think of anything else and these are all things that I have been enjoying.

What have you guys been enjoying while stuck in your homes this past month?


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