April 2020 Favorites

I actually have some makeup to talk about this month and some new products, so I think this month’s favorite is going to be better than the last couple of months of favorites, however, it is still a little bit on the boring side of things. Either way I wanted to share with you guys, so let’s talk favorites!

Trixie Cosmetics Summer of Love – This is such a fun blush palette and I feel like both of the blush shades are something that I don’t already have in my collection so they make for great additions. The highlighter isn’t my favorite but I can see myself using it from time to time.

Glow Recipe Ultra Fine Mist – I talk about this too much now and I can’t believe how little it looks like I have used. I love this stuff, it smells great, leaves my skin looking a little extra dewy and it has a great spray.

Too Faced Dew You Foundation – This is one of the best foundations that I have ever used, I’m not sure what it is about it exactly but it just looks wonderful on my skin and it doesn’t feel heavy at all, plus it has a really nice scent when you apply it that does disipate after a while.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Juice Moisturizer – I have been sitting on this for too long probably but I actually really like this, I think it smells great and it’s super moisturizing. This one leaves my skin feeling really soft but it does take a little while to really sink in and dry down, which is the only downfall.

Megababe Bust Dust – I feel like this might be a weird product to mention but I like this a lot. I, like a lot of other women I’m sure, have not been wearing a bra since I have been home all the time and this does wonderful things for boob sweat and breakouts. So, yeah, I like this a lot.

Humankind Deodorant – I know I have talked about this before but I got a new scent and I like it so much more than the last one, this one is lavender and citrus and it does a much better job at masking odor for longer. It still doesn’t last me through the entire day but I’ve yet to find a natural deodorant that does.

Vaseline Intesnive Care Lotion – This has done wonders for my hands with all of the handwashing, which I was washing my hands before but now it feels like I am going overboard and going for longer, so my hands were drying out a lot before I started using this.

Mac Let’s Mesa Around Lipstick – I don’t think this is a color that I typically like because it is a little bit on the lighter side of things for me, but I really like this and like layering this one a lot so I have been wearing it a bunch.

Benefit Bad Gal Band Mascara – This is my favorite mascara at the moment and it feels like it’s going to be that for a while, but I have said that before so who really knows. I think this one is a great consistency and does great things for my lashes, which is really all I ask for.

And those are all of my favorites from the month, a pretty decent mix if you ask me and all products that I really like and am happy with, which I try to make sure to do every month. Will I hate these products in a few months? Probably not but anything is possible.

What have been some of your favorites recently?

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