Favorite Etsy Shops #1

I have never done anything like this before and I’m now wondering why, this makes total sense and I love talking about Etsy products so why wouldn’t I love talking about Etsy shops? I guess maybe I haven’t done this before because it takes me a little longer to try things out and this list only includes shops that I have purchased from at least one time, most of them are shops that I have made multiple purchases from but some are only once so far. So, let’s dive in and talk about some of my favorite Etsy shops.

MissFitzDesigns – I’m not sure why but I don’t do as many makeup swatches as I once did nor do I use stencils as much, but that doesn’t change the fact that these are my favorite stencils for swatches when I do use them. This shop has so many different options, this one has a great selection for specific palettes if you are really into matching things up, and they are very affordable. The only slight downside is the shipping takes a little bit to get to me in the U.S. but it’s great and worth it if you ask me.

PoSHlish – This is one that I have only ordered from once so far but I have finally worn all of the polishes that I ordered that first time and I am super happy with the results, I think they are really pretty polishes and an Indie brand that I really don’t hear a whole lot about. This shop has plenty of options and a lot of really fun ones too.

TheLumenHouse – This is another one that I have only made one purchase from but I was so happy with my purchase that I thought I would include it in this list. This shop makes accessories from natural sources and I love their wood earrings, I think they are super pretty and different than a lot of earrings that you see. I might be currently debating a second purchase from this shop as I type this.

PeanutButterTaco – This is the only planner sticker shop that I have purchased from more than one time at this point in time, I just really like their date stickers and I love the reading challenge stickers because sometimes it’s nice to get inspiration from a new place.

POPNailPolish – I love this brand of nail polish even though I kind of hate the bottles that they come in and these polishes tend to be a little bit more expensive. But, I also think that these polishes are more interesting than a lot of other polishes that I have seen so I get that they might be a little more in terms of price. This shop has so many fun colors and finishes, I just love it.

SiamHillsTribes – For a minute I was obsessed with tassel earrings and have since outgrown that, kind of, but I still really love this shop and I think they have some really stunning earrings that come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes which is nice. If you are looking for earrings focused on tassels this is a fantastic place to start.

JLynnPaperCo – Maybe this is weird or maybe it’s not but I just love the bookmarks from this shop, they are magnetic, very cute and I am a big fan of them so that is entirely the reason this shop is on this list. They sell other goods but the bookmarks are where it’s at if you ask me.

lutita – This is a store that I completely forgot about but have purchase from a few times, this shop sells a lot of beaded jewelry and I love that, it’s so pretty and intricate. The hoop earrings are my favorite, they are a little heavy for a heads up, but I really like most of the things from this store and think they are very pretty.

ShleeePolish – This is a shop that I have been purchasing from for more than six months and have made frequent purchases from, they are one of my favorite indie brands of nail polish and they release new shades every single Friday so it’s a terrible place for my wallet but a great place for happiness.

levaStDesigns – This is a shop that I have purchase from a bunch of times now too and I really love it, I’m not sure when or why I got so interested in clay earrings but I have. This seller makes tons of pretty designs in various sizes and shapes, so I think they have a little bit for everyone who likes and wear earrings. These are one of a kind pieces though so for sure don’t sit on them too long.

And those are all of the shops that I wanted to feature in my first favorite Etsy shop post, a pretty good mix of things if you ask me and all shops that I would recommend because they are great at what they do and I love them. I also thought this would be nice because it’s always nice to shop small, especially now, if you’re going to shop and you can shopping small businesses really helps people out.


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