Spring Nail Polish Picks

I’m not sure why exactly but I thought that it would be really fun to share some spring nail polish picks with you guys, which is really just a teaser of what’s to come at the end of the month when I do my nail wrap up because I will probably be using a lot of these. Let’s dive in!

I Scream Nails Party Starter – This glitter topper seems perfect for the spring season to me, it’s colorful and the mix of shapes seem perfect for the season, I’m super excited to use this one.

Sally Hansen Tutti Frutti – This reminds of a Deborah Lippmann polish from long ago that I can’t remember what was called but I remember wanting it and I am excited to have this one because it reminds me of that and it’s very fun.

Cadillacquer Sookie – My husband hates the look of this polish and I don’t understand why, I like that it’s a really soft and muted pink base with bright blue glitter in it, it seems really fun.

Poshlish Perfect Couple – This one looks really pretty and really reminds me of Disney Princesses, so this one is going to have to find it’s way onto my nails at some point this month.

Femme Fatale Sunrise Funfair – This one looks so pretty but for a little bit of a spoiler I did not like this one, I thought it was thick and didn’t apply very well.

Kathleen Lights Polish St Clair – This is one that I have used before but haven’t used in a while, so something about the month of April felt like a good time to pull this one out and use it, it just feels really springy.

Pin Up Paint May – This is more of a topper and I’m not sure what polish I want to wear this over but it looks really pretty and I bought this because of someone that I follow on Instagram, so I had to have it and try it out for myself.

Nine Zero Cotton Tail – This seems like a really pretty and fun pastel pink metallic polish that is right up my allet.

Shleee Polish Clarity – I think this is one of the prettiest glitter polishes that I have ever used, I think Shleee makes some of the best glitter nail polishes that I have ever tried and this one looks beautiful.

Reverie Winter Blossoms – This one is kind of a sheer crelly with mixed glitter in it, it looks stunning swatched so I am excited to try this one out and see how it goes.

And those are all of my picks of nail polish for the spring season, these are all really pretty shades and pastel, which feels perfect for the month of April and for the spring season. Keep an eye out for my nail wrap up post for the month to make sure that you don’t miss on seeing what these look like on.

What are some of your favorite spring shades?


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