Pastel Makeup Look

Hello, I am coming at you guys today with a short and super quick post about a pastel makeup look that I did recently. It’s mostly pastel anyway. I haven’t played with makeup in so long that it felt really nice to just mess around with some color and see what happened. Let’s get into it and I’ll share the finished look with you guys down below.

This is the look that I came up with, I went into this one with the idea of doing something colorful and pastel like and I think it mostly ended up that way. I also did a heavier application of blush and I liked how that ended up more than I thought I would. I am pretty happy with how this look turned out and I thought it would be fun to share this one with you guys.

I know this was a super short post but I thought that this one would be fun to share with you guys, if you guys want to see more makeup looks for me let me know and maybe I’ll share more.

Have you guys been wearing makeup?


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