How Much Does My Face Cost?

I am pretty sure that I have done this one before but I can’t remember when it was, but I thought this sounded fun and figured that I would pull this one out and do this one again. I am not wearing a whole lot of makeup right now but I thought I would share the look that I have been wearing the few times that I have worn makeup, let’s get into it.

Benefit The Porefessional – $32.00 – This has been my favorite primer for a while now and I am remembering why I love it so, it really helps just perfect the overall look of my skin and I am super happy with it.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder – $30.00 – This might be my holy grail powder, it really leaves my skin look amazing and it’s so lightweight.

Too Faced Dew You Foundation – $36.00 – This was one of the better purchase that I have made, I wasn’t sure about it at first but I actually really like it, it smells amazing and it’s really lightweight.

Ofra NikkieTutorials Highlighting Trio – $35.00 – I am mostly using the shade Glaze Donut but I have this trio so that’s the only way that I am using it. This palette is fun and these highlighters are so good.

Anastasia Contour Stick in Fawn – $25.00 – This is something that I have been using on and off for a little while now and honestly, I really love this one. I think this is the perfect contour, it’s the right shade for me and it’s super easy to blend.

Milk Makeup Flex Concealer – $28.00 – This was a product that I wanted for a while and I am glad that I got my hands on it, I don’t think it’s my favorite concealer that I have ever used but I am still liking it a lot.

Beauty Bakerie Spray Your Grace – $18.00 – This spray smells kind of weird, it smells like cinnamon rolls but it also smells off, it’s very strange and I am not sure how I feel about it but I think it does a good job at making my face look less powdery and setting it to make it last longer.

Colourpop Peach Blush – $8.00 – I love these blushes, they are super affordable and usually come in really cute packaging, plus it’s pretty.

Barry M Lid Lock – $6.21 – I had to convert this and this is the price that this product roughly is in USD, I like this product fine but it’s not my favorite eyeshadow primer that I have ever used.

Mac Lipstick – $19.00 – I haven’t bought a new mac lipstick in forever and I think this might have been the last one that I purchased, this one is just such a pretty shade that is really perfect for the spring season.

Colourpop 9 Pan Eyeshadow Palette – $14.00 – I have been mixing up which palettes I have been using, I have a bunch of these nine pan eyeshadow palettes and this just happened to be the one that I chose.

NYX Wonder Pencil – $4.50 – This is a product that I am not sure that I like but I keep using because it’s the only nude eyeliner pencil that I have.

NYX Epic Ink Liner – $9.00 – This is a really good eyeliner, I love it. This eyeliner is super black, really easy to use and lasts really well.

Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara – $25.00 – I never wanted to fall in love with an expensive mascara because I didn’t want to have to keep buying it but that may have happened, this mascara is so good and the wand is great.

Colourpop Lip Gloss – $7.00 – This is something that I really like the formula of, it’s not too sticky at all but it’s really glossy and I particularly love the Sailor Moon shade.

Lime Crime Bushy Brow Pen and Gel – $20.00 & $18.00 – These are the only brow products that I use and I really love them, these are really great brow products that I can see myself buying again and again.

This is the actual look itself, I think it’s really simple but really cute and my base is exactly where I want it to be, which is pretty great.

So, if you haven’t done it yourself the total for this face comes to $334.71, which is a lot for a single look but at the same time all of these products can be used a bunch of times so when you break it down it’s not so bad, not that I am sure of how many uses this gets but I know it’s a good amount.

Have you ever added up what a full face costs for you?


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2 thoughts on “How Much Does My Face Cost?

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’ve seen people do their entire collection a while back and I was like no, I don’t need that in my life and doing a face full was enough to make that clear, haha. Sailor moon is my favorite so I had to have this shirt!


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