First Impression Friday: Trixie Cosmetics

It’s Friday! I’m not sure if that means much anymore but I’m excited about it, the weekend is here and I have nothing to do, also my husband will be home so Friday is still great. Anyway, today is all about first impressions and this one is about Trixie Cosmetics, so let’s dive right in.

I only picked up one things from Trixie Cosmetics to talk about at that is the Summer Of Love Blush Palette, this retails for $28.00 and comes with two blushes and one highlighter, I think it’s actually a pretty decent value and I’m not mad at the pricing at all.

Let’s talk packaging for a minute like we usually do. I think the outer packaging of this palette is really adorable, the art style is very cute and I love how colorful the girls on the front are. When you open up that palette it’s still really adorable, the pans are heart shaped which I really like and they are embossed with the Trixie Cosmetics T, which I think is on brand of course. I also really like all of the colorful hearts that are on the top of the inside of this one.

I feel like the swatches of these look really patchy but one the skin when they are applied I don’t find that they look like that. I actually really like the formula of these, they aren’t super creamy but they are fairly easy to apply along with being pretty pigmented. I would for sure make sure to use a light hand when applying these powders to the face. I like them quite a bit actually and find that they last really long once they are applied.

Overall, I am impressed with this palette and really happy with my purchase of this palette. The colors are ones that I don’t really have in my collection, well now I do since I own this one. I also love how cute it is, so I do not regret this purchase and am excited to try it out another time or a bunch of times.

Have you tried anything from Trixie Cosmetics?


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