The Bad & The Boring Beauty Tag

You guys know at this point that I love doing tags but am rarely ever tagged in them, at this point I don’t think anyone ever actually gets tagged because in every post I see people are just tagging everyone… which I also do. Anyway, I saw this tag and thought it would be fun to do, so let’s dive in and see how this one goes.

1 | A foundation finish you don’t like? I tend to lean towards the slightly drier side of things so I really hate super matte foundations, I just think they look horrible.

2 | The worst mascara you have ever tried? This one is kind of hard, I feel like I haven’t come across a whole lot of mascaras that I didn’t like, the one that comes to mind though is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I think it’s too wet and a pain to apply, so I am not a fan of that one.

3 | One thing you tried once and then thrown away? I feel like I wasn’t prepared for this tag at all because I can not think of anything, the only thing that might come to mind  are sponges, not any one in particular but I have for sure used a sponge or six different ones once and gotten rid of them. I have learned to not betray old faithful sponges though.

4 | The most boring eyeshadow palette you own? The most boring palette I own is probably going coconuts from Colourpop, it’s a palette that I enjoy and like having in my collection but the color story is kind of boring.

5 | A makeup trend you think is boring and want to go away? I can’t really think of a trend that I think is boring and want to go away, I can think of some that I feel that way about individually but nothing really comes to mind that is both of these things. I hate thick brows though and wish those thick, blocky brows would just go away.

6 | The worst liquid lipstick you have tried? I did a whole series about this at one point but that was quite some time ago and I can’t really remember what I hated the most. I don’t  l really hated the formula of the Morphe liquid lipsticks.

7 | What color do you think is the most boring one? It depends on what we are talking about but for the most part I think a cream is super boring in terms of makeup, I just think it doesn’t look good and it’s not exciting, even if I use a cream eyeshadow pretty much every single time that I do eyeshadow.

8 | What brand do you think is coming out with the most boring things? I don’t know, probably something like Milk, I don’t know what it is but they just don’t interest me very often.

9 | Which step in your makeup routine is the most boring one? Pretty much anything that isn’t my eyeshadow, my typical routine is pretty standard and not too exciting. I do change up my eyeshadow, lip color and blush but really the only thing I change up a drastic amount is eyeshadow.

10 | If you had to choose between: – A good base and a bad eye look or – A bad base and good eye look which one would you chose? I think I would have to choose a good base and a bad eye, even though I love eyeshadow I don’t think a bad base would be something that I really want.

And those are all of my answers for this one, I am pretty sure that I should have prepared for this one more but I still did my best and thought this one was kind of fun. You guys know the drill, if you want to do this than I tag you to do this and let me know so I can keep a look out for it.

What is something that you just hate in the beauty community at this point?


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