April 2020 TBR

I wasn’t planning on making this a monthly thing but I liked it so much last month that I wanted to share with you guys more of my picks this month. Plus, I think having a list really makes it easier for me to get through books and I know exactly what to read. I picked some that I want to read and I have picked some randomly as well, just like I did the last month. So, let’s talk all about this month.

Sailor Moon Volume #4: I might read more than one of these this month but my goal for the month is just to read one of these, so this one will be easy and very enjoyable if you ask me.

Heartstropper #1: Is another one that I might read more than one of depending on how much I like it, but for now one of these is what’s on my reading list so far. I have heard great things about this one and I’m itching to read this one.

Little Universes – Is one that I preordered and am very interested in reading, I imagine this one will probably be one that I read right when it comes out because I am very interested.

The Deathless Girls – I am pretty sure someone recommended this for me and I am excited about it, I can’t completely tell exactly what this one is about but it sounds interesting for sure.

You Know Me Well – I love David Levithan, he’s probably one of my favorite authors and I have read a bunch of his books. This one sounds right up my alley.

Dating Sarah Cooper – I am pretty sure I haven’t really read anything exactly like this one and I am for sure interested in getting into this one.

Becoming – This one has been on my shelf for way too long and I am super interested in reading this, so it’s time to pull this one out and give it a read, something that I am super excited for.

The Magician’s Nephew– I have never read anything from this series and my husband gifted me the entire set for Christmas or my birthday and I haven’t started it yet. I think this will be a quick read and I think it’s something that so many people love, so it’s time for me to give it a read.

My First Five Husbands – This is one that I started last year and I am about halfway through this one, so I thought I had to include this again and I am hoping to finish this one off.

And that is my list for this month, if you want to keep up with my progress I do have a Goodreads profile that you can see here. Now, I want to talk about a couple of books from last month that really stuck out to me. First up on my list is Red, White and Royal Blue, I just loved this story and it pretty much had everything that I love in this type of book. This one was super, I loved the characters and I wish there were more. This next one wasn’t on my list from last month but I was pulled into this book, that is Not Even Bones, this was so interesting to read and I am a big fan.

What have you guys been reading? I’m always looking for suggestions.


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