March 2020 Nail Wrap Up

Hello on this lovely Tuesday afternoon! or morning? Something like that. The world is wild right now, which we all know but today isn’t about that and instead is all about me sharing my nails with you guys like I do every month, so let’s just dive in and see what I wore.

Up first is an Ethereal Lacquer in the shade Miss Argentina, which is such a pretty light green shade that I really liked. They have some of the best formula for polishes that I have ever tried. I think this was a great way to kick of the month.

Up next is probably my favorite manicure that I wore for the month of March, this is a KBShimmer Polish in the shade Let It Beetle on the bottom and over top is a JLLacquer in the shade Threepio. These two are perfect together and that KBShimmer polish is probably one of my favorite polishes that I have ever used, it’s simply stunning.

This is one that I didn’t keep, I was on the fence about it for so long. I think this one is pretty but I also just don’t like it on my against my skin tone. This is a Shleee Polish in the shade Mesmerism.

I have another Shleee Polish and this one is in the shade May Queen, this brand seriously makes the prettiest and most interesting glitter polishes. You can’t tell in this picture really but this polish has a little bit of a pink shift to it, it’s really interesting.

I am wearing two polishes here, the green polish is in the shade Complicated and comes from Danglefoot. The white polish is from Pep Nail Vibes in the shade Bit ‘O Luck. These two went really great together and I think this combo was pretty perfect for St. Patricks Day.

Two more polishes are on my nails here, the base shade is from Great Lakes Lacquer in the shade Merry Mint and the glitter on top is from Essie and is called Rock On Top. I think these two look perfect together, they remind me of Princess Jasmine however I kind of hated the formula of this Great Lakes Lacquer polish, it was thick and just hard to work with which is not something I am a fan of.

The gold shade on this one is from Bees Knees Lacquer in the shade Finnpoe, I am not sure if I like this one or not, it’s gold but it’s kind of strange. For now, it’s staying in the stash but I’m on the fence about it. The green shade is from Pahlish and is called Little Green Child, which I really like the look of, it has little gold flakes in that and I think that’s great.

And my last polish for the month is from Enchanted Polish in the shade March 2016, I like the look of this fine but the formula of this one was horrible, it’s super thick and I just hated that it was so hard to work with.

And that is everything that I wore during the month of March, a lot of green as you can see, I don’t know why but March felt like green to me. I will be mixing things up after this but I’m thinking that April is going to be a lot of pastel shades, so get ready for that guys. Also, just because I have been buying too many polishes and listing like crazy over on my nail polish destash Instagram, just in case you guys are interested in that.

What nail polishes have you guys been rocking?


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