March 2020 Lifestyle Favorites

Yesterday was all about my beauty favorites which means today is all about the random odds and ends that I have been interested in. I feel like I have a lot to talk about but I guess I always feel like that, so let’s just dive in and see how much I really have to chat about.

I want to start out with the thing that I feel like everyone is talking about and that is Animal Crossing. I am just like so many others and have been completely engrossed in Animal Crossing, it’s just so peaceful and I have been really loving it. I have also been playing a little bit of Mario Odyssey again, not as much since Animal Crossing came out but it is still something that has down me in some. So really I think a favorite of mine this month has to be my switch lite.

Let’s get into snacks, I have been loving watermelon green tea it’s so refreshing and tasty, something that I really love. I have also been eating a bunch of rice cakes, mostly the small packs of quaker brand ones in various flavors. I have fallen to a hole of chips due to having so many quarantine snacks, which is horrible for me seeing as I love chips and basically have no self-control around them.

I still don’t have internet which means we have been watching a lot of DVDs, the things that really stick out in my mind are Bob’s Burgers which is a classic for me, it’s super peaceful and really calms me down. Gravity Falls is another one that I am still watching a bunch of. With our limited internet time, we finished watching The Circle which is another thing that I really enjoyed watching.

I have spent way more time on twitter this past month, I’m not sure why but I’m guessing it had something to do with getting my mind off of things or just being bored. I also downloaded tiktok this month and I’m not sure if I should be ashamed or not, but either way, I have been enjoying that. The last thing that I’m going to mention is probably journaling which is something that I have been doing a ton of recently, I have a lot on my mind so it’s been a fantastic way to just get it all out.

My playlist is on the shorter end of things this month but if you are interested in checking out my monthly playlist let me link my Spotify playlist for you guys.


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