2018 · 2020

Disney Inspired: Rosetta

I feel like this is a lesser-known character or at least a lesser thought of the character, but since Spring started out this month. This month is all about Rosetta, let’s just dive in and see what I came up with for this months Disney Inspired.

I kind of love Rosetta, especially the outfit that she’s wearing, she’s just very pretty and I like her outfit a lot. I drew a lot of inspiration from her dress more than anything else, this is really fun outfit and it feels super springy. I might get spring from this because her name is Rosetta and she’s wearing a flower dress, but I think it’s fitting. Now, let’s take a look at the look that I came up with using this little fairy as inspiration.

I think this look is really simple but I think it’s really fun and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I think the eye is bold, of course, but the skin and lips is really simple but also very fresh and springy to me. The eye look didn’t come out as amazing as I had wanted it to but I am still happy with it.

Overall, I really like this look and I think this one is super fun and springy, it’s nearly everything that I wanted it to be. I think Rosetta was a really great choice for this month and I am now thinking that I might have to do the rest of the fairy crew at some point in the future.

What Disney characters should I do makeup looks based on next?


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