First Impression Friday: Colourpop x Sailor Moon

Hello Friyay! I think it’s still Friyay even with everything that’s going on, right? I really hope so. How’s everyone doing? I hope all is well and everyone is staying safe. I am still on my usual scheduling so that means it is First Impression Friday and I have another big one, another Colourpop themed one as well. I may have picked up the entire Sailor Moon Collection because I have no self-control, but in my defense, my spending habits have been getting better. So, let’s just not waste anymore time and dive into talking about this cute and adorable collection.

I am going to start with the lip sets, two came out in this launch Daylight and Moonlight Bundles. I personally prefer the Moonlight bundle but I think both of these are fun, each one of these will run you $15.00.

The packaging on these are fun and cute, but they aren’t anything super exciting like the rest of the collab. I’m not really sure how they could have amped these up but they are just simple. The colors are fun, maybe not the exact colors I would have thought of but I think they fit the theme and I really like three our of the four colors, the bright pinky red just probably won’t be something that I use a lot. The formula of these are pretty standard, I really like that they included an ultra blotted lip and a glossy lip. I am happy with my purchase of these two items.

Up next are the two glitter gels in the shade Moon Prism Power and Moonlight Legend, each of these will run you $9.00. I didn’t really want these two but I decided to go for the whole set and give these another shot. These glitters irritate my eyes usually so I am thinking about wearing these over highlighters on my cheekbones, I just think these are subtle enough to be able to do that. Well, as subtle as glitter can really be. These are really soft pastel shades, one has really cute moon-shaped glitter in it and I really like that. I’m not mad about using these quite yet.

Up next are the two blushes, one in the shade From The Moon and the other in the shade Cat’s Eye, so each one will run you $12.00. These blushes are so cute, I love that they are themed around Luna, I think the outer packaging is so interesting.  I also love the little Luna shaped face imprinted on the blush itself. These blushes are very pretty and are very nice, like most of the Colourpop blushes that I have tried in this type of packaging. A little bit seems to go a long way with these, so be careful of that when you use them. I am super happy with this purchase and almost wish that I had picked up a back up of them.

The last thing that I have to talk about is the eyeshadow palette, this is the Pretty Guardian Eyeshadow Palette and will run you $20.00. I love the packaging, I think it’s super fun and really cute.

I like this palette, I am not sure that the shades are everything that I wanted from this palette but I’m not completely sure what I wanted. I think I just wanted a little bit more of a range of colors, this shade range seems really safe. But, at the same time, this palette is really pastel and pretty which seems perfect for spring. The shades are pretty standard in terms of performance, the mattes blend out really well and the shimmers can be built up, however they are terribly hard to pick up on a brush.

These are swatches of all of the things, the one shade of lipstick that I find too bright is pretty obvious here, the glitters are really cute, the shadows are fun though there are a couple of shades that I’m not completely sure about based on the swatch. This is a really cute collection for sure.

I think this collection is really fun and I think it’s cute, it may not be everything I have ever dreamed of but I still really like it and am super happy with this purchase. Now, they just need to make a Sailor Scout collection, I think that would be fabulous. Maybe mini palettes from each scout? I am not sure but I want it, plus I think it would be super fun.

Are you excited about this collab?


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