Sheet Mask Sunday

I planned this post out a little while ago when I was doing Sheet Mask Sunday over on my personal Instagram, however I have kind of fallen off of that so that means I don’t have nearly as many sheet masks to share with you guys. I only wanted to share progress from this year so that’s what I will be doing, sharing my thoughts on the very few sheet masks that I have used this year.

First up is a sheet mask from Annie’s Way, this is the Bubble Tea Mask in the scent Strawberry. This smelled pretty fantastic, almost like a strawberry milkshake which is something that I can get behind for sure. This one did leave my skin feeling hydrated and looking dewy,  which I think is a plus always. I liked this one but I also didn’t think it did anything amazing for my skin.

Up next is the A’Pieu Icing Sweet Bar sheet mask in the scent orange. I did not like this one as much as I wanted to, this one smelled really good but they usually do. I didn’t find that this one did a whole lot for my skin and it was kind of overly sticky, while also being wet, which wasn’t something that I loved. I couldn’t see myself picking this one up again.

This is a Biobelle #Afterparty sheet mask. I have heard nothing but good things about this brand and it seems to be a big favorite, so of course, I had to try it. I really liked this one, I thought it was one of the better face masks that I have tried. This one left my skin feeling smooth and looking matte once all of the serum was absorbed into my skin, this really helped perk up my face and smelled great. I could see myself possibly picking this one up again.

And those are all of the sheet masks that I have used up for this month, once a month I guess, which is terrible as I intended to really get through them this year. I’m starting to think that I simply do not like them, so I may not do another one of these and may end up selling these on Instagram or Mercari, so keep an eye out for those if I decide to.  I am not sure what I am planning on doing at the moment, just letting it be known, though I am doing a huge purge so it’s likely some of them will end up there.

What are some of your favorite sheet masks?


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