2020 · Face Mask Friday

Face Mask Friday: Bliss Green TeaWonder

I’m so curious if I’m ever going to run out of face masks for face mask Fridays, probably not but I’m curious if it’ll happen. For now, it hasn’t and that’s why I am here today, I’m ready to talk about another face mask this month so let’s dive in and see how this one goes.

This month is all about the Bliss Green Tea Wonder Mask, this one will run you $15.00 and you can get it all sorts of places, I personally picked mine up at Target.

This is an overnight gel mask, so this is one that you apply very thinly to the face before you go to bed than where it overnight and wash it off in the morning.

This mask claims to be deep cleansing, reset skins natural balance and leave pores looking tight. This is supposed to absorb extra oil without drying the skin out.

Do I think this mask lives up to what it claims to do? Yes and no. I think this mask really helped with the slight bit of oiliness I get from time to time, so it left my skin looking soft and matte, it also felt pretty soft. I didn’t notice much shrinkage of the size of my pores though, so not sure how well this does for that. I guess maybe I should try it more than once a week to see how it goes, but using it once a week for a few weeks didn’t do anything for the size of my pores.

Since I am mixing things up here, let’s talk about the scent for a moment. I think this smells like a toned-down version of vapo rub. So really what I am saying is that this has an herby kind of scent to it, which isn’t that surprising. It’s fairly light and it goes away pretty quickly, or I just got used to it really quickly.

The face mask itself is surprisingly pretty for being so light and a gel. It has a green tint to it and it has a lot of shimmer in it, none of which I notice on the face or linger on the face so that is nice. It’s almost like it’s just in the tub.

The outer packaging itself is not my favorite, it fits into the Bliss brand really well and for sure matches all of the other face masks and things that come in jars like this but I just don’t love it. The design itself is a little bit bulky, the jar feels kind of cheap and I’m not the biggest fan of the font choices. I will say, I do like the color on the top of the jar more than I probably should, but it’s nice in a strange way.

I like this face mask, I think it kind of does what it’s supposed to, and I am not mad that I own it, however, I am not sure that it does enough for me to really want to run out and purchase it again. Not that I am finished with this one yet so my feelings could change, but at this very moment in time I can’t see myself picking this one up again.

What are some of your favorite fave masks?


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