Revisit: Anastasia Foundation Stick

I don’t know that I ever wrote a post focusing on this product itself, I know I mentioned it in favorites and it was in yearly favorites, so I thought it was time to dig this out of the drawer and see how I felt about it again, so that is exactly what I will be doing today. Let’s jump in and see if this could still be a favorite.

This month is all about the Anastasia Foundation Stick in the shade Fawn, this one retails for $25.00 and you can for sure pick it up at Sephora.

I’m going to start this one out the way that I always start these out, by talking a little bit about the packaging. I am very predictable but I guess that’s not the worst thing. I am for sure consistent.

I like the packaging, it’s very simple and straightforward, it looks nice and it’s very Anastasia if you ask me. The brand seems to be fairly simple and unexciting in its packaging, but everything still looks very branded. I will say this is the least distinct of Anastasia packaging but at the same time it really fits in with the brand.

The last thing to talk about is the formula, obviously. This is not one that I use everywhere, as you can probably guess by the shade choice here, but instead, one that I use as a contour.

I think this is fantastic for contouring, it’s something that can be applied lightly but it’s also something that can be built up as well if your looking for a more defined look.

I think this shade is perfect for me, someone who is fairly pale, it’s not too dark and does exactly what I want it to do. I also learned recently to apply to my brush instead of applying this directly to my face and that has been a huge help. I like how sheer and natural this blends out, not that a contour ever looks completely natural, but it does look really nice and blends out like a dream. Even when I apply it directly on the face it blends really nicely, it’s creamy without being so creamy that it just completely disappears.

I think I love this more than I did before, mostly because I learned a better method of application and that makes it much easier to apply, so that’s really nice if you ask me. I think this is a great product if you are looking for a nice cream contour, and it’s not too terribly expensive which is always a plus.

Do you contour? On special occasions, all the time or never?


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