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Spring 2020 Fashion Wishlist

I know, it’s not spring quite yet but it’s very close and I am itching for warmer weather, so because of that, I thought it was time to share my current clothing wishlist for the season. I try to do one of these at the start of every season, so this one will be the one I do for spring. Let’s jump into this list.

I feel like this first group is the more boring mix of things, but I also really like the things in this mix so I don’t really mind.  The first thing in this list are these Island Hopping Sandals, these are a little bit obnoxious but I still kind of like them. The Midi Skirt from Old Navy is right up my alley, I really like the color and feel like it would mix well with my wardrobe, I also love the length of this skirt. I think the Peplum Tee is cropped and usually, I try to avoid that, however, I really love this light green shade and sometimes a cropped shirt isn’t the worst.

This style of Tank Dress is a staple in my wardrobe for the warmer months of the year and I really love this pink shade, along with a couple others and this is a great price. I had a denim dress that I wore all the time until I ripped a giant hole in it that wasn’t something I could repair, so I’ve been on the hunt for another perfect Denim Dress like this one. Maybe it’s because these shorts look super comfy or some other reason, but these Jeans Shorts are super cute and I could see myself rocking them all summer long.

I really love the little dot print of this dress, I also love how comfortable this Sleeveless Tiered dress is, it looks like something that I would wear all summer long. I love a pair of Capri or slightly longer jeans in the spring in summer season, it’s a pair of pants that I can commit to without being too much, so these Ripped Boyfriend jeans are great for me. Last thing is this set are these Colorful Hoop earrings that I think are really fun but also not too much, subtle fun pop of color.

This is the more fun mix of things, which starts with this Strawberry Tee that I think is simply adorable, though a little bit loud, not that I mind that. I love this soft yellow, it just screams spring to me and I love the length of this Tiered Dress. These fun Striped Flats are really simple but I think would add a touch of interest to an outfit.

I have three pairs of these Slip-On shoes in various patterns and I love them, so I think these striped ones would be a well-worn addition to my wardrobe. This chart of Edible Flowers on a tee is really cute, it’s fairly simple but I like it, I also really like the color of the shirt itself. I typically wouldn’t go for this next one, but I actually think these are really cute and kind of want to get my hands on them, these Polka Dot pants are simple but so springy.

This doesn’t feel springy or seasonally appropriate, but it does seem like something that would get a ton of use in my closet and that is this simple Tee Shirt dress, I might have to pick this one up. These Star Sneakers are really simple but I think that’s what I like about them, they are clean but with a pop of metallic fun. The last thing is this really fun bright yellow Polka Dot skirt that I really want to wear every single day, it just looks so fun and I love it.

And those are all of the things that I have my eye on for the upcoming warmer weather, or so far anyway. I think it’s a good mix of things but still very much in the realm of my style, with a couple pops of things I wouldn’t typically pick out, but sometimes I like to mix things up.

What are you lusting after for the spring season?


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