February 2020 Nail Wrap Up

It’s my favorite time of the month, the time where I sit down to talk about all of the nail polishes that I have been wearing for the past month. I think I did pretty good, I also wore a lot of reds and pinks, so get ready for that. Let’s dive in.

Up first is a polish from Polished for Days in the shade Speio. I am a little on the fence about this one still, I think it’s pretty but at the same time I just don’t love it on me, it’s still in my collection but I am not sure if it’s going to stay.

Next up is one of my favorites from the month and what I would consider my first successful jelly sandwich, this is I Scream Nails in The Bomb with Cirque Colors Crystal Tokyo in the middle. This looks like the perfect Barbie pink nails to me and that is something that I really love.

I ordered a handful of polishes this past month from this brand because I was curious when I saw someone else talking about them. This is a Flormar polish in the shade Grapefruit, this one is matte and I really like it. I think this one is super metallic and pretty while also being soft and matte.

I don’t know what I was thinking with this combination of polishes but I really hated this one. The base is a Fancy Gloss in the shade Blush, which I am not a big fan of on my at all. The hearts are from NCLA and is called Heart Attack, a pretty classic Valentine’s day polish for me.

I loved this one a lot, which is no surprise seeing as it’s an Ethereal Lacquer polish which is some of my favorites. This one is in the shade Mars and I think it’s stunning, it’s a reddish-pink holo shade that I am for sure going to wear again.

This is a Glam Polish in the shade Bad Romance, I love this one more than I thought I would. I thought this one would be more of a red shade but it’s really a dark pink kind of shade, either way, I really like the way that it looks.

This next one just wasn’t for me, I think the dark shade of this was too dark and the light shade just wasn’t one that I enjoyed, I tried to like it though but it just didn’t work out. This is a Different Dimension Polish in the shade I Dare You and this one isn’t staying in my collection.

I am wearing two polishes here as well, but I loved this combo, it was one I really should have worn for Valentine’s Day instead of the one that I did end up wearing. The base is a Poshlish in the shade Receding Red and the top coat over top is an OPI in the shade Bearest of Them All. I feel like it has been a minute since I’ve worn a mainstream, so it was time, and this one is pretty great.

And those are all of the polishes that I wore on my nails during the month of February, I wore a total of eleven different polishes and I am really happy with that number, though I am expecting to use a few more this month since March is a little bit longer. We’ll see.

What’s your favorite brand of nail polish?


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