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First Impression Friday: Colourpop Pretty Fresh

I have a really fun and slightly different first impression Friday to share with you guys this month, this month I will be talking about a handful of products from the Colourpop Pretty Fresh line. I usually focus on one product but I thought it made more sense to do these together. The only thing that I didn’t pick up and won’t be talking about today is the mist, I just didn’t think I really needed it so I skipped out on it. Now, let’s dive in and find out my first impressions of these products.

Today is all about the Pretty Fresh line from Colourpop Cosmetics, more specifically we will be talking about the sponge, the primer, the concealer, and the tinted moisturizer.

Let’s talk about packaging for a minute because this girl loves to have a minute focusing on the packaging. The only thing that bothers me about the boxes is why the primer is inverted colors, it just doesn’t look as uniform and it bothers me just a tiny bit. I do like the overall look of the packaging though, it’s really simple and clean, I also think it’s very girly which I personally like the look of.

Let’s start this one off by talking about the Blending Sponge, this one is shaped like the Real Techniques sponge but it is a little bit smaller than that one and it is a soft pink shade. I think it performs a lot like that sponge, maybe even a tiny bit better as I find it a tiny bit softer and easier to use. So far, I really like this sponge and could see myself picking up another one sometime in the future.

Up next is the Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer, I also really like this one. I don’t think this one really does much of anything to prolong the wear of my makeup, but it is super hydrating and gives me a slightly dewy look to the skin which I really like.

The Hyaluronic Creamy Concealer has more coverage than I thought it would, it’s not heavy coverage at all but it is more than I was expecting from this line. This is more of a medium kind of coverage if you ask me.  I think this concealer was very creamy and very easy to blend, so far I am a fan of it.

The last thing on the list to go over is the Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer which is the only thing that I did not like, this is the first impression though so I am not writing it off quite yet. I understand that this is a tinted moisturizer and I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of coverage, however, this was just like applying moisturizer to my face as I found that it didn’t really have much of a tint to it. I’m not sure if it was the combination of products, even though I would think that these are meant to work together, or what it was but I was not impressed with this one. I will have to play around with this one a little more before I really have a final verdict on it.

And this is what everything looks like on my face, I think it’s pretty clear here that the tinted moisturizer does not give a whole lot of coverage, but like I said above I won’t write it off completely yet. This was a really subtle look and I don’t mind it, though I must admit that it’s not my favorite either.

Those are all of my thoughts on these products, I like most of them and had a good experience with them. I will be playing with these more and can see myself using at least a couple of these products up.

What are some of your favorite Colourpop products?


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