Disney Inspired: Scrump

Yes, it is time for another Disney inspired look this month, I am super excited to share this one because I am really happy with how the look ended up. I have been feeling really inspired when I wear makeup recently and I think I have been creating some great looks. Anyway, I picked a more obscure character this month but I think this one is really fun, anyway let’s get into the inspiration and look that I created.

As always we are going to start off with the inspiration, which I had a hard time finding, I remember this character but I had a really hard time find many shots of it. I did take a lot from the photo on the right simply because I prefer the shade of green, but I have taken from both and thought it was a really fun color palette to work with. Now, let’s look at the eyeshadow look I created.

I think this pop of yellow is so fun and something that I am probably going to start incorporating into more looks, it’s just a really simple and fun pop of color. I love the minty shade of these shadows together as well, my only slight regret is the color under the eye, it ended up more purple than I had meant for it to be, I wanted it to be more of a pop of pink like Scrump’s bow but the shade looked pink in the pan and ended up kind of purple like.

I am once again so happy with how this look has turned out, I am starting 2020 off on a good foot when it comes to my Disney inspired looks, because if you ask me both of these have been a hit. I think I am just going to let myself drift around between characters and maybe I might start doing characters from other shows and cartoons, which I think would be really fun.

What characters would you guys like me to do inspired makeup looks by?


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