New At Ulta February 2020!

I’ve never done one of these before but I am trying to mix things up a little bit this year and write new posts, so that’s where this one is coming from. I was a little underwhelmed this particular month when I looked up what was new, but I did find a few things that I wanted to chit chat about, so let’s do just that.

bareMinerals Beauty of Nature Eyeshadow Palette – I’ve never tried eyeshadows from bareMinerals and I haven’t really heard much about them either, but this palette is really pretty and it caught my eye, I think I would be interested in giving this one a shot.

Pixi Glow-y Powder – Ulta sells Pixi now, which is strangely exciting to me even though I see it at Target all of the time. I have never tried any makeup from Pixi and I am interested, the thing that has really caught my eye is this highlighter and I am itching to try it.

BH Cosmetics Trendy In Tokyo Eyeshadow Palette – I personally do not need another bright colored palette, however, I thought that this one looked really fun and I wanted to include it in my list. I’ve only ever tried one BH palette and I like it, so I’m thinking this one will probably be pretty good as well.

Flower Beauty Seal The Deal Luminizing Spray – I have heard nothing but great things about the original formula of this spray and I am super interested in trying both that one and this one out, though if I had to chose I am way more interested in this one. I do not need any more setting sprays at the moment though.

Essence The Blush – I love Essence blushes, they are always so soft and buttery but also really pigmented, they are super easy to work with as well. I’m not sure if these aren’t just new packaging of some of the older blushes, but either way, I have my eye on a couple of these.

Physicians Formula Nourishing Lipstick – I love all of the lip products that I have ever tried from Physicians formula and these look really pretty, plus they are supposed to be nourishing and that sounds right up my alley.

Wet ‘N Wild MegaGlow Blushlighter – I did actually pick this up for myself but I haven’t tried it yet and these look too pretty to not include on this list. These come in three colors and I think all of them look really pretty.

Urban Decay All Nighter Face Primer – I love the all-nighter setting spray so when I saw that this was coming out it really caught my eye, I am super interested in trying this one out for myself.

Laura Mercier Rouge Essential Silky Creme Lipstick – I haven’t really tried much of anything from Laura Mercier so when I saw that they were starting to sell it at Ulta I figured this was a great time to mention that here. I think these lipsticks sound really great and I am curious about the brand as a whole.

And those are all of the things that I am interested in that are new at Ulta recently, it’s a fairly short list but like I said above, not a whole lot caught my eye which means a shorter list. I think this was really fun and I enjoyed this, so I might do more in the future and might even do a Sephora one?

Would you guys be interested in seeing more of these types of posts?


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