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Revisit: Lime Crime Plushies

This one was in a yearly favorite post and this is not one that I forgot I loved, I have used this pretty consistently but I still wanted to share with you guys and revisit this product. So, let’s keep this intro short and dive right into to my thoughts on this liquid lipstick.

This is a Lime Crime Plushie in the shade Milk Tea, this one will run you $20.00 and comes with 0.11oz of product.

Let’s start out by talking about the packaging like I always do, I’m just predictable. Anyway, I think this one is cute, I like the little bear on the lid along with the shade of pink and the choice of font, it’s all very cute and fits the brand really well if you ask me. I think the packaging does feel a little cheap but not like it’s going to fall apart, still, I am happy with how this one looks.

The applicator on this lipstick is pretty standard for a liquid lipstick formula, it’s a doe foot and it’s really quite standard, which I don’t mind. I am just saying there is nothing exciting about this one in the slightest.

Now, let’s get on with it and talk about the formula of this product, which I know is why we are really here. I keep calling this a liquid lipstick but it is technically a soft matte lip color, but that’s close enough to a liquid lipstick if you ask me.

I love this formula, it’s sheer but it is really buildable. This feels like nothing on the lips and it does dry down matte so there is no transferring from this one. I think it’s a really solid formula and I am a big fan of it. This one also smells so good, it smells like cherry candy to me and that’s a big plus in my book. I love this shade as well, this was the very first shade that I picked up and there was clearly a reason for it, it’s super pretty.

I still love this one and it’s one of my go-to lip products, it doesn’t last quite as long as some other liquid lipsticks but it doesn’t transfer, it smells good and its really comfortable to wear. So, I guess this one still gets a favorites stamp of approval and I think it will continue to be that way.

What are some of your favorite liquid lipsticks?


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