January 2020 Nail Wrap Up

January was full of nail polish looks, I just couldn’t change them quick enough it felt like, that combined with the fact that nothing really seemed to look the way I wanted it to and I have changed my nails a bunch this month. This does mean that there are a lot of polishes to talk about, so let’s settle in and have a chit chat about polish.

Let’s start this month out with a Pop Polish in the shade Copper Painted Sky, this one is a thermal but I didn’t get other photos of this one so this will have to do. I liked this one fine but it was nothing that great for me and I couldn’t see myself wearing it again, so this one has been passed along.

This one is my first proper jelly sandwich and it did not turn out the way that I wanted it to, I kind of hate the look of this one. The jelly polish is from I Scream Nails and is in the shade lets Bounce and the glitter is Kick Glass from Orly. These two did not come together with the way that I wanted them too and I simply did not like the formula of either one, they were both kind of gloopy as I have passed these along as well.

Now for one that I actually really liked, this is from KBShimmer and is the shade Snow Much Fun, which has been on my list for a minute. I wanted this one to bring snow with it but it did not, which is kind of disappointing but I also know that nail polish can’t really do that. Anyway, I actually really like how this one looks and am super happy to have it in my collection.

This next one is two polishes that just look like they belong together, they were for sure perfect to wear as a pair. The base shade is I Scream Nails in the shade Teal Appeal and overtop of that is a Fancy Gloss polish in the shade Magic Rainbow. The I Scream Nails polish is a little thicker than I might like but overall I am happy with both of these polishes and think that they went together perfectly.

This is probably the worst polish that I have used in a while, this formula was just terrible, it was thick and gloopy, did not apply evenly and was just a mess. This is from Emily De Molly and is in the shade Hole in the Sky. It’s safe to assume that I have passed this one along.

This is Ethereal Lacquer in the shade Moonlit Opal. This has a fantastic formula like pretty much every Ethereal polish I have ever tried does, however, I am just not a fan of white polishes so this one had to be passed along. This one is super pretty for the right person, that person just isn’t me.

Another thermal that I did not get a good shot of, this is Little Snowflake from Fancy Gloss and I love this one. This one does have tiny snowflakes and white glitter in it and this one does change between the blue shade you see here and a white shade, I just love this one.

I am not sure why I didn’t like this one but I didn’t, this one just didn’t go on as nicely as I wanted and I wasn’t super impressed by it. This is an Alter Ego Polish in the shade Spring Rain and this one is getting passed along as well.

My final polish for the month is a Glam Polish in the shade Clock Strikes Midnight, this polish is so pretty in person and the shot of this I got just doesn’t do it justice. This one is a light blue with beautiful flakies in it, I just loved this one.

I’m not sure what was up with my picks for the month of January but it felt like nothing was working for me the way that I wanted it to, which is always disappointing. I got rid of a good chunk of polishes this past month and I’m hoping that the same thing doesn’t happen in February, I want to find polishes that I love.

What are some of your favorite nail polish brands?


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