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The Lush Tag 2020!

If you haven’t been here for a while then you might not know that this but this blog started out as a Lush blog basically, I almost exclusively talked about Lush and very rarely branched out from it. I have branched out a lot since then, I still talk about Lush as well but not nearly as much as I once did, so I thought this would be a fun little throwback and a great way for me to share some of my favorite Lush products.

How did you get into Lush?

I never really had any interest in Lush but then my friend took me into the store with her and from that day on I was hooked. I went through a phase with the Lush Kitchen and I still keep up with all the new releases to see what I might be interested in. I honestly still want to try out so many different products from them but haven’t yet. Anyway, my friend is the reason why I got into Lush and I’m glad that she introduced me.

How often do you go to Lush?

Now that I live in the middle of nowhere and the closest store is about an hour and a half away from me, I do not really go to the store very often, maybe three times a year if I am feeling up to it. I order online a lot more and that’s a little risky, but it’s the only way I get to really try seasonal things easily, so I take a chance.

What is your favorite product of all time?

This one is hard, a lot of things come to mind but I think I would have to say Calacas shower gel, it’s just a great one. It smells super tasty and bright, plus it is something that I use every single day.

What is your favorite soap?

I am not a big soap girl, I don’t use it but my two favorite scents from over the years have been Baked Alaska and Satsuma, clearly I am a citrusy lover which I am sure you all know.

What is your favorite bath bomb?

This is another hard one, I am just terrible at picking favorites and I have had so many favorites of the years. I really love Northern Lights and want them to bring it back, I also love Golden Wonder, Dragon’s Egg, Satsuma, Goldrush and so many others that make it impossible for me to choose just one.

What is your favorite bubble bar?

This one is easier for me, I want to love bubble bars more than I do but I’m honestly not the biggest fan of them, however, if I had to chose I would pick Brightside. I am sure that is a big shocker coming from a citrus lover -insert sarcasm here-

What is your favorite shower gel or jelly?

I guess I already answered this one above by talking about my favorite Lush product, which is Calcas shower gel. So, when it comes to shower jellies I think my favorite is Iced Wine and I wish they would bring that one back, or at the very least bring it back in the form of a different product, I miss that scent a lot.

What is your favorite skincare product?

I would have to say Let The Good Times Roll, it’s a fantastic cleanser that smells amazing and I love using, even if I haven’t used it in a hot minute.

What is your favorite haircare product?

Jersey Bounce shampoo, I hear that it is being discontinued and I am not happy about that at all, so I’m hoping it isn’t true.

Your go-to product in the morning?

I am not sure how to answer this one because there isn’t really anything that I use first thing in the morning from Lush, but if I had to pick something I guess I would pick one of their lip scrubs.

A product you regret buying?

I am sure there have been products that I have regretted and that I simply have not liked, but sitting here now trying to think of one is proving to be difficult, so I’m not sure what I regret getting from Lush.

If you could invent your own Lush product, what would it be?

I am not really that creative and have been sitting here racking my brain to come up with something, it’s not going so well. I think I would love them to take another shot at candles though, so that would probably be the Lush product that I would create. The scent choices would be endless and my house would always smell amazing.

If you are interested in doing this tag then I tag you, each and everyone who loves Lush and wants to do this. If you do post this tag, let me know that way I can read your answers because I am curious what other people think about Lush and what their favorite products are.

What are your thoughts on Lush?


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