2020 Beauty Goals

I did this last year and I talked a little bit about this in my goals for the year but I thought I would take some time to write out some goals and thoughts about how I am taking on beauty in the new year, so let’s not waste any time and jump right on into this one.

My first goal for the year is one that I am for sure not going to get through but I am really going to try and that is trying out all of my nail polish. My collection has gotten a little bit scary, not that it wasn’t before and I really want to try things on my nails and see what they look like. This is also going to help me focus on improving my nail art and trying out more things, which I really want to do especially since painting my nails is really peaceful to me and something I love doing.

This next one was a goal last year and I kind of stuck to it but not super well and that is going to cruelty-free. I did really well for the first half of the year but then I kind of lost my footing a little bit, I don’t think I went crazy with non-cruelty-free brands but I do know I picked up a handful of things. I really want to focus on this and think more about the brands I’m purchasing from, there’s no sense in cruelty products at this point.

I talked a little bit about not wanting to buy as many single-use products and this year I really want to stop purchasing sheet masks. I don’t need to keep purchasing these as they are single-use products that just get tossed away at the end, so I will be using up the stash that I have that will probably get me through the year and maybe a little farther, so get ready for Sheet Mask Sunday to make its return on my Instagram.

I also mentioned this in my goals for the year and that is using up more products than ever before. I set a goal for 500 total but I am including more in this year, I am also really focused on sticking to using things and trying things that are in my stash, so I think this goal will be fairly easy… well, maybe.

Endlessly I talk about this and one day I will get myself under proper control, so I am still wanting to focus on and try to get my spending under control. I have a goal that I want to be at and I am slowly working my way down to that goal month to month, I have been easier on myself because I knew there was no way that I was going to jump from where I was to where I want to be, so I have slowly been making progress on this and I really want to hit my goal amount for at least a couple of months this year.

Along with my nail polish goal, I really want to try out all of my makeup this one seems like a more attainable goal. I know that I will never have a normal-sized collection, it just isn’t in me and blogging contributes to it somewhat. But, I do want to try things, talk more about things that I do and don’t like on the blog here, and I don’t want to hold onto things that I don’t like, which is another goal for the year. The money is already spent so if I don’t like it the only thing it’s doing is making me unhappy or discouraged from using makeup.

I want to focus on skincare more, I know, I used up a ton of skincare during the year of 2019 but if I am being honest I am not the most consistent with my skincare routine, so I really want to form some sort of routine and do it every day, though I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this one every single day.

This one isn’t really a beauty goal but I believe I included it in last year’s beauty goals and that is to burn more candles. I love candles and I love lighting them, for whatever reason, I don’t do it enough and then when I get to a certain point with them I don’t want to finish them and that is a habit that I need to break. Plus, I think having a house and more space is going to make me want to burn them more. So, this year is looking like more candles in my empties post, at least I hope so.

I want to think about my cosmetic purchases more this year, I need to stop being so impulsive and think about things more. I think this is going to lead to more wishlist posts this year and me debating things, but if that’s what it takes for me to really focus on making smarter choices then that is what’s going to have to happen.

And those are all of my beauty related goals that I am setting for myself this year, some things are returning from last year but I am really focused and determined to really stick to these this year, or at least try really hard and show you guys that I have made some progress with my goals this year.

What are some of your goals for 2020 in terms of beauty?


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