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Try It Tuesday: levaStDesign

The thing about Etsy is sometimes things take a little longer than expected, or when you are me sometimes you don’t pay close enough attention to turn around time and things don’t get to you when you expected them to for whatever reason. So, because of that, I will be talking about a pair of fun earrings that I have been really enjoying, though I don’t think I am the best at reviewing jewelry pieces I am going to try.

These earrings are from the Etsy shop levaStDesign and ran me $18.41, for a one of a kind pair of stunning earrings. I think that is a pretty fair price.

Because these are one of a kind I can’t link you to this pair or the listing, but I will drop a few of my favorite pairs that I am currently lusting after down at the bottom of this post just because I think it’ll be fun and a good way to give you guys an idea of the designs this seller makes and the ones that I like.

I said it earlier but these earrings are one of a kind which I think is so fun, these are handmade out of polymer clay and stainless steel posts. These are really lightweight as well, I expected them to be a little bit heavy but I barely notice them when I wear them which is a huge plus if you ask me. I just hate earrings that feel like they are weighing me down.

I’m not sure why but I was really impressed with how smooth these earrings are, I was a tiny bit skeptical when I saw that they were made of clay but these are super well made and very smooth.

These earrings feel really solid and like they will last pretty well, I obviously can’t vouch for that completely but they feel really well put together and well made.

Now, let me share a few other pieces from this shop that I have my eye on like these Moo Cow earrings, these bright geometric ones, these every so slightly metallic ones, these ones that remind me of green clouds and lastly these jade green ones.

These earrings are such a fun touch to any outfit and they are really easy to pair with things, I think that they go with a lot of different things and overall I am very pleased with my purchase and have already worn these a handful of times, I for sure can see myself purchasing from this shop again.


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