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December 2019 Nail Wrap Up

I did some damage this month in terms of painting my nails, by damage I mean I used a pretty good amount of polishes and am really excited to talk all about it with you guys. Let’s just jump right into this one.

I wanted to put these in proper order this month since I haven’t been doing that for the past couple of months, so first up is a KBShimmer polish in the shade The Nothing. This feels like it too dark for my tastes but I like the way it looks, it’s a dark green that felt very festive even though it has a bit of a blue shift to it. I am on the fence about keeping this one though.

Up next is an Ethereal Polish in the shade Chakra, this one is really soft and pretty and I love it. This feels like a perfect wintery kind of blue, I almost feel like I need to wear this again this month because it feels very much like a January kind of shade to me, maybe I will. This one is for sure staying in the stash.

Up next is probably the worst stamping job that I have done so far, these two shades just don’t quite go together like I wanted and the red isn’t vibrant enough. This is a KL Polish in the shade Mojito, which looking back on it now I am not sure if I like this green very much, it feels almost like a festive green shade but it’s a little too dark and muted I think. I may pass this one along as well.

I have such mixed feelings about this one, I love the idea and the design, I just wish I had waited a little bit longer to topcoat then when I did because I smeared the black all over, it’s still kinda cute but it’s irritating. This is a Shleee Polish in the shade Tropical Fish, this is a stunning green and I really love this one, so this one is for sure going to stay in my nail polish hoard.

I did a bunch of Christmas themed manis this past month and this one might be my favorite, it’s non-traditional but it’s so pink and adorable. This is a Fancy Gloss in the shade Blush and a nail decal from I Scream Nails. The Fancy Gloss polish is really pretty, it’s a soft pink and it has a sheerer and jelly-like finish to it, which I like. This one is for sure staying around.

Up next is a Fair Maiden polish in the shade ❤ x3 and I think this is one of the best applications I have done in a while, I think my nail routine is finally starting to improve as a whole. I had other plans for this one but they didn’t go quite the way that I wanted it to, so instead I just wore a red glitter polish that I think looked pretty great on it’s own.

This was my last Christmas themed set for the month and I really enjoyed this one. This is two polishes, the base is Essie’s Russian Roulette which is my favorite red nail polish and the glitter over top is from Geek Girl Universe and is in the shade Very Merry Mouse. I think these two look like they were meant to go together and I am very happy about that, these are exactly what I wanted. Both of these shades are for sure staying with me.

I had a little break between Christmas and New Year, so this is my New Years’ kind of mani choice. This is a polish from Different Dimension in the shade Family. This is super pretty and I am a big fan of this one, so for sure, this one is sticking around.

And those are the eight different nail polish looks that I wore this month, a pretty good mix of things although most everything was festive, but it is December and that was my way of getting in the spirit, not that it really matters. I am happy with almost all of these looks and am excited to play around more in the new year.

What are some of your favorite nail polishes?


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