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December 2019 Lifestyle Favorites

I said it yesterday and it’s still true, I don’t want to overlook December so I am still posting all of my usual monthly posts. I haven’t written anything down in true monthly lifestyle fashion and I am not expecting this one to be a long one because of that, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’m trying to think about what I have been really loving during the month of December and the first thing that is coming to mind is the show Flash. This is not something that I would have picked to watch but my husband wanted to watch it and it’s actually been pretty entertaining.

Speaking of my husband, for Christmas, he gifted me these really tasty chocolate chipotle caramel sandwich cookies from Whimsy & Spice, which is a mouth full. These are all gone now and I really love them, the chocolate favorite was great, the spicy was nice and the slight salt to them was a great touch. You can pick them up here if you are interested.

Would it be weird if I said Christmas? Because I really love Christmas and wanted to include it on this list and talk about it more, it’s probably my favorite time of the year.

I’m back on my black cherry ice drink kick, I’m not sure that I was ever really off of it but I have fallen back into it hard. Something else I want to mention is something that I only had once during December but I am so excited about, Taco Bell has Blue raspberry slushies which are my favorite, it was also super tasty.

Cheese is something that I am talking about again because we bought cheese again and I love it. We keep getting a goat cheese and herb cheese that is my favorite, it’s super tasty. Also, I made cinnamon rolls like I do every year at this point and those were super tasty and delightful.

I know I usually post a monthly playlist but I have decided to skip it this month because all I have been listening to during the month of December is Christmas music and I thought that you guys wouldn’t be interested in that. I will say I am thinking about popping my playlists on Spotify this year, would you guys be interested in that? I’m also thinking about featuring ten songs in my posts but not limiting myself to ten songs in the playlists that I will be creating.

And that is everything that I can think of that I loved during the month of December, nothing too exciting but all things that I have loved. I feel like I talked about food too much but I feel like a lot of eating goes on during the month of December, at least in my world it does.

What have you guys been loving this month?


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