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December 2019 Favorites + Face

I know that I just shared all of my yearly favorites but I don’t want December to get overlooked because of that, so that is why I am here. I had a pretty chill month and didn’t wear a ton of makeup, but I still have some favorites that I wanted to share with you guys even if a couple of them are going to be things that you have for sure seen before in past favorites. For now, let’s not worry about that and just talk about the things that I loved during December.

Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte – I know I have mentioned this before but I am really loving this product still, so much that I think I’m actually debating purchasing a full size when this runs out. I can’t wear this one it’s own because the tint is a little bit too dark for my taste but it looks amazing under foundation I think.

L’oreal Tinted Lip Oil in Jelly Peach – This was something that I hunted down and just had to have, I ordered this from the UK and I really like this. This gives a tiny bit of a tint of color, this smells amazing and this leaves my lips feeling really great. I don’t know if I would pay as much as I did for these the first time around again but I do really love this.

Tree Hut Moisturizing Shave Oil – I don’t think I have talked about this year and I can’t believe that I haven’t, this is probably one of my favorite new products of all time. I should have included it in my yearly skincare favorites but I forgot. This lasts longer than I expected it to and this works better than I expected it to, it gives me a really close and nice shave and leaves my skin feeling moisturized after use.

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer – I have featured a scent here but I don’t have a scent in mind, I’m just loving these because it’s a really easy way to carry hand sanitizer around and after getting sick I like having this with me.

Half Caked Suga Suga Scrub Cotton Candy – I should probably stop talking about this at this point, I feel like I talk about it too much but I really like this. This has a good scrub to it, it’s a fun color, it tastes great and it leaves my lips so soft, so I think this one is a fantastic lip scrub and that’s why I keep talking about it.

Different Dimension Cuticle Oil – This is another one that I don’t have a particular scent in mine I just really like the product, I have this in a bunch of scents now and they are all amazing and spot on. These are also super hydrating and great for the skin, plus the application is mess-free and super easy so I really like these.

I did not do a ton of makeup this month but one of the looks that I did do was for a Christmas party and I felt really cute. I kept everything really soft and subtle, which is something that I have been enjoying recently, except for the eyes where I brought out the glitter and had a little fun. I don’t think the eye was too much but I did like the glitter until I went to take it off of course, but that’s just glitter and I have no regrets about this one.

Those are all of my favorites from December, a shorter list like it has been for the past few months but as usual, I really like everything that was on this list and am excited to try more things in the new year and start playing with makeup more again.

What are some of your favorites from December?


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