Why December 2019 Was Awesome + Goals

Hello new year, I feel like this is my first proper post of the year and I am excited about it, a new year always feels nice for at least a couple days before the January blues start to settle in. But, for now, it’s not about that and it’s all about the month of December so let’s just settle in and talk about the last month of the year.

December was a pretty good month, it went by a little too quickly and I didn’t get into the festive spirit until later in the month, but I would still say that it was a good month. December was a whirlwind for the first three weeks, I had work, getting ready for Christmas and all kinds of house stuff going on, things just went by in a blink of an eye.

The week of Christmas was a really great one, I finally got myself into the festive spirit that I had been looking for. I baked cookies, I wrapped gifts, I wore festive gear and had multiple Christmas celebrations of sorts. The week was really great and a lot of fun.

I ate a lot of cheese and got a lot of great gifts, had some great laughs and a lot of fun, it was a pretty great month.

Now to talk about a couple of not so great things that happened this month, most of which happened during the last week to week and a half of the month. I have TMJ, which is not fun and is something that I am trying to correct, but it’s very uncomfortable and makes eating really hard. I also tripped a couple days before Christmas and busted both of my knees open. Neither of these things are too terrible but I just wanted to mention them so I didn’t sound like everything is perfect.

Let’s recap my goals from last month starting with finishing my reading challenge which I have done, I am one book over my goal and that is something that I am really happy with. I kind of wish I had ready more but I am pretty happy with my progress on my reading challenge. Working out again has not happened, which probably isn’t that shocking based on how I have been talking about it this past month, I will get there at some point. As for eating out less that is not something that happened this month, I think with all of the chaos of what was going on this month it just made it harder to avoid eating out, at least that’s what I am telling myself.

Now let’s dive into goals for this upcoming month starting with checking something off my yearly goals, I want to make an orthodontist appointment. I am sure that I won’t do this and it’ll be on another monthly goals post, but I wanted to start this month off strong. I want to start meditating three times a week, another yearly goal and I figured I would start with a small goal for this. I need to drive more a goal that will be on this list for way too long but it something that I want to work on and get better with.

And that is everything that I have for the month of December, nothing too much but enough, a good month overall and a great end to a year if you ask me.

How was December for you guys?


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